Friday, January 1, 2010

My journey on Weight Watchers

I started WW about 9 weeks ago, Oct 3rd, 2009. It has been a whole new way of eating and cooking for me. The goal is to lose 50 pounds and to teach my family a healthier way of eating. Clay has some health issues that would benefit from eating better. I want Kayla to learn how to cook and eat so she can pass it down to her children too. Each week I go to the Thursday night meetings and weigh in. So far I have done really well. I have a hard time getting all my points in a day but I have noticed when I do it doesn't work as well for me. It may have something to do with my lack of movement due to my MS. As long as I get my healthy foods in during the day I seem to be satisfied and not hungry. It is frustrating for the other members to hear that I can't even eat my total daily points, as most of them go over. Drinking all this water/liquids seems to make me go potty more than I like but that's part of the program so I do it. I am determined to get down to my goal weight cause Clay promised me a trip to Hawaii as a reward for working so hard. The ideal weight loss is .5 to 1 pound a week which has been very easy so far for me. Knock on wood... The program has an internet site with very yummy and easy recipes and an automated food planner which I could not do the program without it. I wanted to share some of the meals we have cooked:
Top left to right: Grilled Halibut with pineapple,apple & pear crumble; General Tsao's Chicken,minted zucchini-cherry tomato saute; Baked Chicken with herbs
Bottom left to right: Turkey meatloaf muffins, butternut squash fries, and apple/carrot salad; General Tsao's Chicken. brown rice; Chicken breast with honey-Balsamic glaze.Thank you family and friends for supporting me on this journey.