Monday, November 29, 2010

I feel over whelmed.

HOLY CRAP! I have been away from blogging for awhile now. I thought I would check in and read a few today since I am SNOWED in. I HATE THE SNOW! But OMG there are way too many to read. Where do I begin? I think I will just NOT read any and pretend I am just starting over. So if you think I NEED to read something important that I missed you will have to comment here and tell me which one to track down.

My foot is healing slow but I am getting around better now. My MS is still bothering me. UGH! I am still going down on the pounds. Weighed last night and I was 136.9 down from 141 Nov 1st.

I am not going to go to my WW meetings cause I feel they are not helping me. Don't get me wrong I am still grateful that they are there. Just been going for a year now and I know what I need to do so if I am struggling or gaining I will hit my meetings. Until then I remain home. Plus I want to be in control of my final weight loss number not them. I will continue to lose until I feel I am done. I will not go past the healthy BMI guidelines though. So don't start in on the speech, like WW does every week. (hence the reason of me NOT going).

I dressed up in my UTAH UTE gear to go to our rivalry game last Saturday against BYU. We won at the last 3 seconds of the game...OMG it was about to give me a heart attack! Here's some pictures of me at the game:
It was VERY VERY cold at the game!
This is the new me!
It was hard to get the red off but the black washed off easy...LOLI had to get my boot involved in the spirit too.

My Hubby was not going to paint his whole face so he just did his go-tee..Chicken shit!

We flew to Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago to attend the Utes playing the Fighting Irish. We lost that game But the stadium & campus was beautiful. I still had a great time minus the 3 hours during the WET, COLD SAD game! I was a frozen Ute fan at that game:(Waiting at the hotel lobby for my brother before the game.
The tail gate party before the game. Resting my foot which is wrapped with ice.
The huge stadium.
Need I say anymore!

I didn't have my family with me during Thanksgiving so it was kind of depressing. I ate very wisely and lost in the process. Life is good. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and now let's bring on Christmas!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Shout it from the mountain tops!

After a very long a stressful month, the doctors gave me the OK to put some weight on my foot. Just have to be super careful and use the aide of the knee walker and wheelchair when needed.


Like if that wasn't exciting enough, I also went to my WW meeting last night too. I was concerned about my weigh in since I have not been mobile for the last 4 weeks. And unable to go weigh in.

Well the scales were very nice to me. I lost 6.8 pounds during those 4 weeks.


Just goes to show ya that you can lose weight without exercise. I am so disciplined in what I eat, so I am convinced that is the secret to my success.

I love being thin and only wished I had done this years ago. I love the way my clothes fit, and that I can wear anything I see in the stores. I even have noticed people treat me different now that I am smaller. (they are nicer). Go figure!

Getting excited for the BIG football game Saturday. I bought a black wig to wear since it is going to be a BLACKOUT game against TCU. I can't wait to go and cheer on my mighty UTAH UTES! We are still un-defeated so I am a little nervous about this one. We beat TCU in 2008 so I know it can be done. And who knew that we would beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, not Alabama that's for sure! LOL

I will post pictures of how silly I look at the game. Until then I AM SMILING BIG!