Thursday, July 14, 2011

My miracle

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am alive and well. I am currently maintaining my weight at 130. I am in love with my new body and life. My health is still a struggle but I am managing the best I can. Foot surgery is over but still having nerve pain daily. Jaw surgery is healed and no pain or locking of the mouth. My MS is continuing to progress but I don't let it slow me down. Just spent 2 weeks in CA and 4 days camping at girls camp with my 12 year daughter.I wanted to share a miracle that happen to me while at camp.
I will try to not stay away so long in the future. I love you all and hope all is well with my blog family. Here's the video, enjoy!



  1. superwoman--watch her fly!!! Glad things are on track for you...I was wondering how you were doing! :)

  2. Just saw Carb Tripper's post with your video before I saw this. You are amazing! Welcome back to the blogworld.

  3. Awesome, blossom!
    Blogging is a great tool!
    Love that you are back!

  4. AWESOME! :)

    - Lisa

  5. You amaze me!! You experience life no matter what. I love your attitude!! You look fabulous my friend!

    So happy to hear from you!!! Keep up the great work! Love and hugs!

  6. I absolutely loved that video. Your daughter's constant encouragement throughout the video and your determination not to give up made me smile and put a few tears in my eyes! I don't think I would have even had the courage to climb up that first thing!

  7. Hi Lesia, Thinking of you today!! Hope all is well!!

    Take care!

  8. This is inspiring. I esp. love your daughter calling out encouragements. I went back and looked at a few of your other posts. You just put everything out there how it is. I admire that. Good luck to you and all you do...

  9. Lesia,
    I think I just had a very bad panic attack. You were very brave Lesia. I could never have done that!!!

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