Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's next!

First, I will start with happy news. The surgeon said I am healing better than he expected and has released me from the cast that held me driveless (both in exercise and car). And now I am able to walk with freedom. Yeah!

Second, Christmas had its moments. I have a wonderful family and the ones I got to share it with made it even better. I miss my boy who is still in prison more and more every year. I wanted to share the only picture of me taken at Christmas this year, not cause I didn't want my picture taken but, because I was the one taking all the shots. This is my brother who I love and adore very much.And of course there is a shot of me and my grand baby:Third, I got to meet another blog friend who was visiting UT from Oregon for the holidays. I just love meeting new people. If you have never met or read her blog I encourage you to. She is incredible. You can find Margene's blog here. Here is a photo of us with our better halves. I didn't feel very good this day so hence the bad hair.
And lastly, I continue to drop the pounds. I only have a couple more and I have hit the low end of my healthy BMI. I love the fact that I am looking good and finally am up on both of my feet walking again. I pray that 2011 will continue to bring me good health.

BUT, like I said there is a downside. boo hoo.

Because of all the side effects of my Trigeminal Neuralgia and my brain surgery. It has cause me to have an uneven bite in my jaw. Long story but can only use 1 side of my mouth. I now have TMJ; which hit right before the holidays. UGH!

If you have not heard of this before, it is quite painful and causes my jaw to lockup. The doctor has me on a soft food diet and lots of meds. I miss my fresh raw veggies and fruits and all the health foods that require chewing. I have turned to eating sugary creamy foods. YUK! Surprisingly I have not seen any change on the downward numbers with the scales. It is most likely credited to the fact I eat like a mouse taking in tiny bits of food a day. I hope I do not require further surgery to repair my jaw. See I told you WHAT'S NEXT!

All and all I am grateful to be alive and am looking forward to a new year, especially summer, wearing a size 8! Happy New Year!


  1. You always have the most beautiful smile! And despite all the health issues I hear your positive attitude shining through. You are so inspiring that way:)

  2. Oh my gosh... size 8! What a dream. I'd love to make that size too. You make it look GOOD girl! I agree with Wasting Time above too, that you have the most beautiful smile! Maybe that's why you always tell me to smile... because you're so good at it!! :)

    I'm sorry about all the pain in the jaw and side effects and foot. What a trooper you are with a positive attitude. It was a thrill to meet you and the hubs your daughter (and her bird). So when will you be coming up to Oregon? We don't have snow up here, ya know... and I think the Ute's will be playing the Ducks now! That'd be some fun rivalry... tee hee :)

    Happy New Year!!


  3. I'm so happy that you're castless again! I understand (though to a lesser extent) the frustration at not being able to move around well.

    I too have TMJ, but mildly that my jaw pops on both sides, but has only started to lock up a couple of times. Luckily I've caught it before, and averted a problem. Eventually if it gets worse, I'll have to have that procedure too.

    I hope things improve for you! [hugs]

  4. Love you!!! You are such inspire me. I am thankful for all you do and say. Thanks!!

  5. Bless your sweet and cute heart!
    hugs and smile!

  6. Sending prayers your way. You look great girl!

  7. Beautiful pictures, you look amazing!! Praying your jaw gets better without need of any surgery!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2011!!

    diane :)

  8. I'm a terrible jaw-cracker, and I dread the day when TMJ finds me. UGH. But congrats on the good news that you are officially at a healthy BMI and soon to reach your goal weight! That's fantastic! Enjoy this!

  9. Happy New Year, Lesia!

    What a year it has been for you!

    Have you every thought about taking up modeling? WOWSAH!!!

    Glad to hear about your foot, but not about your jaw. BUMMER!

    SIZE 8 by summer, that's not a bummer!



  10. Love the pictures!!

    My friend, you have been through it!! Geez, you handle everything so well!! You inspire me!! Here I'm feeling all sorry for myself and I just have a backache!

    Keep up the great work - you are doing awesome!!!

  11. Your great attitude has (and will continue to) carry you far!

    You look great and can't wait to see you in a size 8 (plus, that rhymes!) :)