Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stupid pants!

My jeans are too big AGAIN...UGH! I went to the store with my mom today. It was good to get out of the house for a minute. Anyway I saw some way cute junior designer jeans that I loved. So I got 2 pair in a size 11. (my junior 13's were the ones that were too big). I did not want to go through the dressing room and have to take my boot/cast off. So I took them home to try them on.

OMG they were so freakin cute on me. They fit so perfect. THEN I looked down and I saw they were two inches too short. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! I guess the smaller the size the shorter the inseam. DAMN I was so PISSED! Don't they know it is NOT easy for me to go shopping with this hurt foot? And I need a pair of pants to wear to the Halloween party tonight.

Guess who is going to be wearing baggy butt jeans being held up with a belt? Hope they don't think I am wearing a hobo costume. LOL

P. S. As I was leaving the store we went past the MISSES department and I compared the size 11 junior jeans with the Misses size 8. I started too scream with excitement cause they were the same in the hips (they were low waist jeans) and seemed to have a roomer butt though. I am not sure if I need a roomer jean in that area but HEY they were a size 8! I would have got them but they weren't as cute as the 2 I already had in the cart. Maybe next time, they might even be longer in the inseam too.

So I think I can wear a size 8 blog world!


  1. I once tried on pants - fit perfect -
    Darn things were capri pants!
    And I have a tall inseam - for a shorty!
    Not so much for a fatty!

    Baggy pants are a good things here!
    Size 8???
    Rock on!

  2. Woo hoo for those itty bitty jeans:)

  3. great feeling isn't it.... I can't wait to get back to that...

    Congrats to you! you sure earned it with all your hard work..

  4. WHOOHOO!!!! So happy for you!

    As for the short jeans...wear them anyway! You have to roll up one side because of the boot, so roll up the other side and make semi capris--stripped witchy socks underneath will make the outfit scream halloween spirit! :)

  5. I just got a cute pair of Levis- low rise boot cut (not Jr. dept.) at JCPenny and I think they have the same ones at Kohls. Yippee for needing new SMALLER pants! :) WHOOHOO!

  6. So awesome!!! can't wait to get there.

    I call my big pant "Clown pants" ~ I have a lot of them. I can't keep up. It's not a bad problem to have!!

    Keep up the great work my friend!!


    denim is the best NSV as denim is NOT a forgiving fabric :)


  8. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Congrats to you!!!

  9. YIPPEE!!!! Congratulations! very proud of you!

  10. Congrats, you long-legged hottie!

    You can do the boot-scoot boogie!

    I don't know what darn height "they" make pants for. Models with weird proportions, that's all I can figure.

    Happy Halloween! I can't wait to hear what your costume will be!

  11. Great Job Lesia!! You are so good at this!