Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well the day is approaching. 6:30 Monday morning will be the time & day.

On a different note. In order not the have to pay for my WW meeting I have to weigh in any day of the first week of every month. Knowing I wont be able to go the whole month of Oct I had Clay drive me to the weigh in this morning. I have been under ALOT of stress this week (I am not an emotional eater I just DON'T eat when I am stressed). I am very nervous about my recovery. MS really does mess up a person and their ability to balance on 1 foot. Crutches are OUT so I went and bought a knee walker last week. I have been practicing as if I had already had the surgery. Most of the time I did quite well. But there have been a few times that I have fallen and of course I landed on my bad foot. It only takes one time and the surgery results will be destroyed. Hence the STRESS. This is my new knee walker. I also will be relying on the use of my electric wheelchair.So back to the weigh in. I was lucky that my husband took me cause I needed the extra moral support. I didn't stay for the meeting, cause the pain is at a point that I need to have ice and elevation all the time now. This photo sums up my morning:YEP! I gained just as I thought. 1.6 pounds. The BIGGEST weight gain thus far. I cried right there in front of the workers and my man. He quickly told me in his soft but caring way to "Stop it." He is right. He also said he will be putting our home scale up for the month so I don't try to hurt myself trying to stand on it. I agreed cause knowing me "If there is a will. I will find a way."

I am very nervous not knowing for weeks where my weight is. It could be very dangerous. I will have to wear sweat pants for quick access to go potty. So I can't tell by my pants. OMG I am scared and nervous!

The STRESS, the NOT KNOWING, the neighborhood FOOD choices for meals, the added PAIN, etc..., All TOO MUCH for me to take.



  1. I'm praying for you, mostly that you find a peaceful way to cope with all this stress you are feeling. Good luck.

    God bless,

  2. I will keep you in my thoughts:) Hugs.

  3. Oh my. Yes, prayers and hugs. Maybe you could put the word out that they need to include some salads, fruit, and not-so-fatty dishes that you can eat. But I know when we are taking food to someone's family we just don't usually consider special diets. But we should.

  4. How about you cut yourself some slack here. Let's put the diet on hold, not crazy pig outs but just give yourself some time to chill, and relax. You have enough crap going on, we all feel for you, now relax about the weight. It will be fine after you are healed, and then, work twice as hard.

  5. I totally totally totally agree with Allan

    take a diet break, don't go crazy and when you are back on your feet (literally) back on the wagon, Lesia... girl... you don't need the added stress right now!!



  6. Prayers are being sent to you and all around you. Love ya!

  7. Don't worry. You're gonna be back on track really soon. Sending good thoughts.

  8. Nothing I can add to that group of good comments...
    Except to treat yourself with the same kindness that
    you are always extending to us! Kindness, support,
    and forgiveness for the times when things go a little wrong!
    It's all ok - and will work out for the best, in time!

  9. We are all thinking about you and praying for you. You will do great and don't worry about your weight, just get through this and get better. If you gain so what, you can take it off again. The main thing right now is to get your knee better. I love the knee rider thing it is cool.. Hugs and prayers to you..

  10. Good luck on your surgery. I am sure it will go great! Even without the scale you know what to do! And you are GOOD at it! Track pts and dont worry about your weight. The plan works so have faith!

    Please let us know how you make out tomorrow!


  11. You're in my prayers. I hope the surgery does what it's supposed to do.

    Take care. [hug]

  12. I thought about--and prayed for you--today!

    This is another challenge that you will beat! I know it!

    HUGS!! Take excruciatingly good care of your patched-back-together foot! NO RISKY MOVES!!! One recovery is enough.