Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hold on Tight...

I am struggling with my weight this week. Not sure what's going on. I have been on track 99 % of the week. I went to a football game Saturday where I ate off track once but not horribly. I got on the scales and the last two days I show a gain of 2 pounds. Which for me is BIG. I hope it wasn't that silly piece of pizza I ate at the game. More than likely it is the lack of exercise I am getting due to my foot.

So I got on the bike this morning and rode 15 minutes. Man I am out of shape. I was up to 17 miles before my injury now it was a strain to do 3 miles. I know I am pushing myself but I have to. I don't want to get too comfortable in not exercising and revert back to the old me. It's like not going to church week after week. Pretty soon you go inactive.

Riding the bike today was hard and a little painful but necessary I thought. Just don't want to cause more pain to my already injured foot. So I stopped when it no longer was comfortable.

Surgery is this Monday. Recovery is scaring me with the possibilities of extra food being bought into the home from caring neighbors. That's what our church members are famous for, service. They are planning to have meals brought in for 2 weeks. (which includes desserts)

I will need some extra will power the next few weeks. For me it's easy to stay on track when the temptation is not there. My family is so good that way. When they want something, like a dessert, they do it out of my view. I love them for that.

The recovery involves a lot of sitting with my foot in the air. Now that Clay has my computer hooked to my big screen TV I can read my blogs and do my facebook. I was fearing the withdrawal symptoms not having access to my computer for those weeks. Hubby came through with a great plan. Life is good there!

I am NOT going to use this time as an excuse to cave and say the hell with it. I have come way too far for that. I will be utilizing a great deal of will power and support from my blogs and family.

Until then pray for my surgeon, a speedy recovery and the extra strength I need to stay on plan.


  1. I lost all of my weight with WW with little to no exercise. It can be done with food alone. I know you are not use to sitting on your bum lol but ya gotta make sure you are well recovered before you get back into the swing of things. You can do it- you have come so far! :)

  2. I had elbow surgery recently and it didn't immobilize me like foot surgery would, but still got me out of my exercise routine and set me back. You are smart to mentally prepare for the down time. Beware of the well meaning church members bringing over extra food. I hope surgery goes well and you have a quick recovery.

  3. Try not to be scared of the surgery. Instead think of it like a new beginning!!! Before you know it me and you will be excellent at this patience thing.. hehe. I will pray that all goes well.


  4. Prayers are coming your way! Yay for your and riding your bike even though you have an injury. I like how you are on top of things. Best of luck and blessings for your surgery. I'll be thinking about you come Monday. :)


  5. I will be here to cheer you on..

  6. In our prayers!! I know you can do it.. we will be here for you.. Love ya!

  7. Hey there! Compared to the many obstacles you've triumphed over, that recovery period doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of knocking you down. Are ya kiddin' me?

    Prayers and positive thoughts for a successful surgery are coming your way!

  8. I'll bring you some healthy treats...frozen grapes? Those are so yummy! I will come and visit you. I won't be much help still but I can bring you magazines, books and company! I love your guts!

  9. Prayers are coming your way! I know how much the inactivity is going to suck--but stay strong and adjust your eating to take into account your lack of movement!
    And don't stress about the temporary weight gain--the pain killers do a real number on our bodies! (oh, and make sure you take extra fiber while on them--the other side effects are a pain in the rump!*smile*)

  10. Good thought sending your way~~~~~>>>

    do you feel them?? :)

  11. You can make it through this I know it! I am amazed every time I read your status on fb and blog at how strong you are. Being able to blog it otu while you are going through it will help so rely on that.
    Will be praying for all of it but especially you!

  12. I will be praying that the surgery will be a complete sucess and that recovery will be quick. I will also pray that your church family will bring you some yummy healthy food.
    Blessings ~ diane :)

  13. Lesia, Hope you have a speedy recovery. I know it is probably frustrating for you to not be active like you were. What about a 1pound set of hand weights and you could do lifting while sitting in your chair? Just an thought. Good Luck, You can do it look how far you have come.:)

  14. Hope you have a great surgery and speedy recovery! Lets make this Hot 100 happen!

  15. Praying for your my friend!!!

    You will get through this with flying colors. Girl you have what it takes!!!! Be the example for others who will be going through the same thing. Show us all that you can experience even bed rest and still be fit and healthly. Be the example!!!

    Spend time blogging, being creative, lifting weights, planning what you will do when you recover, invite friends over, do crafts, sing, write a book, don't watch TV, listen to classical music, paint your nails.

    Whatever it takes, just don't fill the time with food. You are going to do great!!!

    Love and Hugs!

  16. Good luck w/ the foot; will be thinking about you.
    Re: Facebook, I have tried to keep FB separate from the blog world. There are just too many people on FB that I am not sharing this stuff with. Thanks for understanding.