Thursday, July 22, 2010

Come out, Come out whoever you are!

So much going on in my brain today. You know its bad when you can't sleep because of all the ideas you want to blog about. My fear is if I blog at any length my readers will just skip my blog. (I guess that comes from what I do when I see a really long one. Minus a few that I HAVE to read cause I think they are so funny.) So the short and sweet blogs are my favorite. And if they have pictures, then that just made them better in my book.

Sometimes I don't have any thing interesting to comment but to let my friends know I read it, I just write the in the comment box. Laying in bed I was thinking. How many people really read my blog and NEVER comment? Cause to me that is rude. (well kind of rude). We all have our favorite blogs and most of us don't have hours to read the ones we follow.

So with that being said I was wondering how many people actually read my blog? I have the handful that I know come to my blog, but what about all the rest? So if you are a SECRET STALKER, come out from behind the screen and say "hi".

WI is tonight..Anxiety is running high here today. As I get closer to my goal I fear I still wont be happy or even reach that magic size(whatever that may be?).


  1. I read it:) But you knew that. I have wondered the same thing about mine.

    And I am indeed one of those who writes wayyyy too long which is ironic because I too appreciate short and sweet posts. Just can't seem to find a way to shut myself up once I get going:(

  2. Hello! I read it, but I'll let you into my little secret... If it's one of the blogs I regularly read and it's a lengthy, waffling post (as mine often are, so I'm a hypocrite!) I tend to just read the first paragraph and then briefly scan the rest... :o( I also read the comments and if any of them refer to something really important that I missed, I'll go back and read more thoroughly.

    Trouble is, with a 16-month-old daughter, I have limited time to read the many blogs in my list!

  3. I write long posts - but to me, that's my style. If people don't like those posts, they're free to skip them - it doesn't bother me.

    Also, I don't think that people that don't comment are rude. They're called lurkers...they like what you write, but they just don't want to comment every time. And I think that's okay too.

    Personally, I follow over a hundred (i'm not kidding) of blogs. There are some that I hardly ever comment on and there are some that I comment on a lot - either as a way to say thanks for support from them or because I really think that they need support.

    I'm thankful for all of my readers - whether they comment or not. It means that they're getting something out of my reading - as much as I get out of writing. :)

    So anyway - I subscribe to your blog and read every time you post...but I will never comment on every post. Sorry if you think that's rude - it isn't meant to be! :(


  4. OH, I read your blog for sure, but have been less than stellar at commenting. Sorry, sis!

  5. I read every blog also.. but I do not always comment. sorry but you know I love ya!

  6. I read... I don't comment as often as I'd like, because I get pulled in so many directions...

    As for your goal... I don't think there is a magic number/size... I think when you get there, you'll know.. and it may take a little while for your brain to catch up, but it will happen. After all... it's all about as long as you live!

  7. I read it! I, also, enjoy it very much. You should stop by my blog I'm a short blogger most of the time. Just haven't been good at bloggin everyday this summer. too busy. lol!

  8. I read a ton of blogs too and don't comment on every one, but it has nothing to do with the blog post or blogger.

    Just blog for you, and people will be attracted to your words because you're authentic.

    I tend to do the long rambling no pictures blog posts. I'm a bit in my head at times and I blog mostly to try and make sense of my world and to get it out. If people love it, sweet! If people are like, eh? I'm ok with that too.

    I enjoy seeing your progress in whatever, no pictures, short or long blogs!

  9. I read your blog, but don't have lots to say about WW.

  10. I read your blog but have only commented once or twice :( sorry. I usually read on my lunch break at work, and I read a few of them so there's not always time to comment. I never get time at home read them. I think you're doing great at WW!!

  11. I always wonder that too! Let's have a "smile" day...everyone who reads our blogs posts a "smile"...hmmm...maybe "smile saturday linky party". I'll work on this! :)

  12. Here I am (smile)

  13. You're too funny. I read it...but you know I do. I do wonder what it would be like to have every "follower" comment in a day...

    As far as long about whatever. This is your a little or blog a lot...they'll will be readers either way :)

  14. haha...I read your blog. Every single entry (short or long, pictures or no pictures). :)

  15. If I miss one of your postings, it is a total mistake, because I look for you! I would never not comment!

    It would be unAmerican not to comment on your blog, especially considering your new motif.

    You are right about short posts, but I flunked "short" (along with "thin") in high school! DARN!

  16. I just found you, but I would say that post alone is worth coming back for.


  17. I always read :)


  18. I love your blog!! You're a special lady!! Love watching your progress! Hugs!

  19. I have started to read you today and loved your blog.

    I don't always comment. Mainly because I read using google reader. To comment, I need to specially open the site. So often I do it only when I have something I feel like I must say. Not saying that not commenting is good but just trying the explain another point of view. :)