Friday, July 9, 2010


So I go to the movie with my family a couple times or more in a month. Every time I down a large no butter popcorn and my water. While my family eats candy, soda, hot dogs, nachos, etc. I was thinking I was making the better choice by getting the popcorn.

Just out of curiosity I googled Cinamark popcorn. The large has (are you sitting down) 20 cups in it. Which equals 1150 calories, 76 grams of fat, (not sure what the fiber was). In WW language that is 26.5 points.

I only get 21 a day; so I see a BIG problem with this. OMG I had NO FREAKIN idea that it was that much. No wonder I haven't been losing like I thought. At the concerts, at Sea World, the zoo, football/baseball games, firework show and even at the pool, I indulge in a box of popcorn. I have always heard that popcorn was low in calories. But obviously not the kind you get at concession stands. Now that I know this IMPORTANT information, I WILL NOT be eating that anymore. I will be making my own and smuggling it into the movies with my water.

I have been beating myself up all night about this. Even to the fact of balling my eyes out. WHY! WHY! Did I eat that? I am so PISSED at myself. So my hubby tried to console me by saying, "Honey there isn't anything you can do about it now. Just know that it wont happen again and let it go. The damage is done". It still doesn't help me to feel better though..(sob, sob!)

Trying real hard to see this glass 1/2 full. So the only thing I can say about this BIG mess up is: "All that popcorn helped me go poop poop in the potty".


  1. yes to the weird box, it is still there

    and I made the same mistake about the popcorn, now I smuggle in carrots, even a sandwich... but not the other day I did eat a bit... it's so good!!! but soo not worth it!!! just live and learn.

  2. Yes, that weird little box here too.

    You know, your husband is right. Nothing you can do about the popcorn now. Quit beating yourself up over it but Lesia I'm surprised you didn't check on it sooner. The thing is, you have control over how you prepare foods at home and keeping on track with the points. When you go out to eat, do you ask how things are prepared. As an example: You order a chicken breast salad, no dressing or a vinagrette is okay. Do you know how the chicken breast is cooked or whether it is marinated before it's cooked? Beings I worked as a grill cook, I know there are different ways of cooking meats, and you'd be surprised at what is called "Low calorie" or "Diet", really isn't. Unless you ask and if the waiter/waitress doesn't know, speak to the cook, and if they hem haw around because they don't want to give a secret ingredient away, then you REQUEST that it not be marinated in anything with oils and that it be steam cooked (on a flat grill that means placed under a lid with squirts of water).

  3. Ouch! Hard lesson. How much is in a small? That is a crazy calorie count. And WITHOUT BUTTER. Could you imagine what it is with butter? Your hubby is really can't do anything about it. Just learn from it and move on. :)

  4. The good news is, you've learned this lesson and you already have made a good plan for the future. We all get a shock sometimes from what we have eaten/or used to eat. Now when you go to the movies you can have the satisfaction of not just enjoying the movie but of also knowing you're making an educated smart choice in your snacking. Don't look back.
    diane :)

  5. Oh that last part cracked me up! I have not eaten popcorn in years (thanks to many crappy crowns on my teeth) and really miss it. My husband pops a bag at home most nights and eats it at the theater.

    How frustrating that must have been for you - doing what you thought was the better thing and then finding out it was not. Darn.

    P.S. Cute new blog design.

  6. Okay, it sucks. BUT, look at it this way, you were doing what you THOUGHT was healthy. And after all, isn't this whole thing about a lifestyle change? So although it was more calories then you thought, at least you had made the conscious effort to not eat the other stuff that you KNEW was bad. And now that you know, you're going to handle it better the next time. The fact that you are careful and watching is JUST as important as the calorie count my friend! So actually, I'm proud of you!!! :D

  7. Popcorn can be a tricky one. I have a friend who brings her own food to the movies all the time...she does it because she doesn't want to spend so much. can't be upset with yourself because you didn't know....

  8. I have tried to get my husband to leave movie theater popcorn alone for this very reason. I pop my own if I want some and put it in my huge purse with a bottle of water.

    Live and learn, change and move on, it is a good plan.

  9. Wow!! that is crazy.. but just think one lesson learned and don't have to go back and re-learn it. Just think that is what this life is all about, learning. I love the fact that we can learn all the time. Take it and run with this new knowledge and don't look back. Love ya!

  10. Hey Girlfriend,

    That is too funny! "I'm supposed to be growing, not shrinking." She got you there!

    I give you an A+ for your response to her. Don't get me started on chubby hubbies. It's going to be future post subject for me, and you'll find out how mean I am!

    "Theatre" popcorn is surprisingly lethal. I'm shocked that you weren't warned in your WW meetings. That's how I learned that devastating fact.

    Thanks for the backup on the "personal life or career launch" question that I posed. I ruffled a few feathers on that one! Of all of the commenters, you saw the immediate light that a good income enhances your personal life and allows one to have more of a "personal life." BINGO!!!

    Plus, eating healthy, being active, and being at a healthy weight also enhance your personal life AND your career. So, you've got daughter on the right track! Keep up the good work, Super Mom!

    I like your blog remodel. Have a great day; smile!

  11. Ugh - the popcorn thing can really kill a diet! If it makes you feel better, know that you were doing really well - even while eating all of the popcorn! WAY TO GO! :)