Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day for us.

Utah celebrates the 24th of July as the day the Mormon Pioneers entered into the Salt Lake Valley. They call it Pioneer Day.

Well what a day! Went to the Amusement Park for the whole day with my family. Started out with the preparation in packing all the food and extra clothes. I did really good at the food packing. Made sure I had enough for lunch and dinner plus snacks. I also packed several bottles of water too. I love going places that allow coolers and outside food. Makes living a whole lot easier.

I rode rides that I had never dared ride in the past (and wont be doing some of them again). I climbed a very high water slide and even got stuck in the slide. What's up with that. Crappy slide anyway. This is me at the bottom of the slide:
Notice I had on my sandals with my Ortho inserts in them.

Getting out of the tube was a challenge. Glad my son was there to give me a hand.

But first I needed to get my bathing suit out of my butt...LOL

I am not sure how hot it got but it was REALLY HOT even in the shade. I totally loved the sunshine though. I am going to upload some of my favorite pictures of the day. Hope you enjoy them.
Kayla and her dad on the Rock O Plane.
Getting ready to go up on the Blast Off Rocket ride.
This was the Re-Entry Rocket Ride, my son was not liking it as much as I was.
My favorite ride hands down. Rode it like 6 times.
That's me at the end with my hands up in the air. I was screaming too with excitement not out of fear.
At the top about to drop on the Re-Entry Rocket ride.
We always get an airbrush tattoo when we come here. So this was Kayla's.
This is what my son got. Long story about my boy but he is very special and has MANY challenges in his life. (born code blue at 10 pounds 4 oz)
And this is mine.
This was 1 of the rides I chose NOT to do again. The guy with the red shirt on with his arms all out like he is superman is my hubby. A Kayla is right infront him with hers out too.
Love this picture. She won this at one of the arcade games.
Now that I posted all these. I was thinking I should have made the pictures into a slide show. Sorry.
The end of a fun filled day!


  1. I can so taste my stomach in my throat just thinking about that rocket ride! BTW - I like the photos like this with the captions.

  2. Rocket ride!!! No ma'am not me!!!

    Great tattoos!!

  3. Looks like so much fun... :) we haven't been to Lagoon since ummmmmm......

  4. You are rocking that place!
    Sooooo glad you are having a good time!

  5. Oh Man... I miss Lagoon!!! If we make it to Utah, we're hoping to go there. Did you ride Wicked? I was too chicken last time. Looks like you had a blast and were all prepared with your good food. Yay! Happy Pioneer Day!

    Oh, and you look so skinny!!


  6. You are most certainly a pioneer in my book!

    Lookin' hot in that bathing suit! I mean "cool".

    Yeah, I'd be in traction if I rode those rides, although they do look like a blast.

    Cute necktie - and girl!

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous time! :) I'm so happy for you!

    And OH MY WORD how I should probably go to a water park soon - it looks so refreshing!