Thursday, July 1, 2010


No loss is better than a gain. Especially when I know why I didn't lose like I was hoping.
During the trip
1) Not enough water intake. (wasn't going to be going potty the whole trip. I grabbed the wrong pills, so I would be in the bathroom every 15 minutes)
2) Not enough exercise. (Being in my wheelchair for a week with very limited walking).
3) Too many 1 or 0 point foods. (So it really wasn't only 1 point. WW has a funny way of counting points).

After getting home
1) Not enough food intake. (Long days away from the house where I could not take food and I wasn't going to eat their food.)
2) Not enough sleep. (Had my 2 year old grand daughter here and she screamed all night with nightmares.)
3) Not enough exercise (just trying to get my foot mediation at a level to control the pain. It is almost there)
4) Water weight (Sucking down tons of water from the lack of it on the trip and its HOT here).
Lesson learned. Watch out next week...


  1. Those are great lessons. I'm working towards a better next week too:)

  2. It sounds like you've got it all figured out. Summer is hard with all the water that we have to drink to sweat. On vacation, it's hard to get low-cal program foods in restaurants and tourist venues.

    No gain is very good for a vacation week.

    The WW scale is shuddering thinking about next week.....

  3. vacations do that, next week you will kick it!!!

  4. Hi Lesia, I'm on vacation next week. I am really going to try to stay focused. I've had a couple great weeks, don't want to blow it. Fortunately we are planning a lot of physical activities, that should help. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Thank you for you nice comments. I really appreciate it. Take care my friend!! Hugs

  5. QUOTE:
    "Not enough exercise. (Being in my wheelchair for a week with very limited walking)."

    I know all about that. I've been a wheelchair recently, recovering from a food wound, and that sure makes it easy to gain lots of unwanted weight. I'm looking forward to resuming walking soon.

  6. You're absolutely right, no loss is totally better than a gain!
    Holidays/vacations can throw us a little off track - but a new week is on it's way and you'll do better. You're doing great!!!