Friday, July 16, 2010

My new favorite place

I know I have been slacking my blog. I am sorry. It's not because I haven't been doing well. Just been hanging at the pool trying to stay cool. My house stays at a very constant coolness but then I have to hear "Mom I'm bored. What are we going to do today?" So I have found a really cool pool close, about a 20 minute drive, and we go there EVERYDAY! My tan is very brown and my farmers tan on my feet is even better than I posted earlier. Anyway what to say today..Hmmm

I guess I can talk about the new pool and how it fits in with my diet journey. Every year for the last few I have bought a pool summer pass to a VERY close swimming pool by my house. It is small and not much for a 11 year old to do, but I got to hang out with my BFF and stay cool in the heat. But they increased the cost and they will not allow any outside food. I was tired of never having a chair to sit at unless, we ran as soon as the gates open to find one. And they even changed the time to an hour later for open plunge. So I decided to start looking for a new hang out.

This is Kayla as the bucket came crashing down!

Finding the Kearns Pool was easy. It has a HUGE bucket that is full of 1000 gallons of water that dumps every few minutes. It also has 5 outdoor pools (1 is just for lap swimming) and 2 indoor ones. They have tons on toys/slides for the kids to play on (or get lost on). Seems I never can find them when its time to go. But can I just tell you I love the BUCKET! The 1st time I was warned that it would knock me over so I sat on the ground where it dumped. I felt like Irene Cara in Flash Dance.

Another thing I love about this pool is the fact you can take in your own food. Very few swimming pools in our area will allow that. They offer the normal junk at the concession stands too. This by itself is worth the extra cost of their admission. So I get up early and begin to pack the cooler with fresh fruits and veggies. I often take a sandwich made with ham, tomato, mustard on a sandwich thin. I have had a fresh spinach salad with mandarin oranges, cheese sticks, red peppers, etc... You get the point. A much healthier way to spend the day at the pool.

We get there at noon and usually come home around 4:30. So that would be a long day without the food I normally eat during the day. I freeze my water bootles the night before and make sure I pack enough of those too. All in all I love taking my own cooler. Well worth the extra dollar to get in. Just really miss hanging out with my BFF, April:( I listen to my Zune (with handsets on)and often have been told by my daughter, I am singing too loud. LOL Sorry if you were sitting within ears length. I can't help it. I love music...

Now for the funny part. Being from the East coast, I totally know how to swim. But since my MS I have really struggled with using my legs. It is not so easy to swim without those little things. But the BIG thing is I can no longer move my head back and forth or up and down to retrieve a breathe of air while swimming. It makes me very dizzy. So I thought I would try to use the snorkel. Not having the mask that came with it (lost at the pool on an earlier visit, not at the lost and found either) I just bought some eye goggles at the pool. Not a good combo. Water kept going either up my nose or in the snorkel. The funniest thing ever to see me choking on the water.

So I used on hand and pinched my nose and tried to hold the snorkel while kicking with my weak legs and 1 arm. Again pretty funny. The other people in the lap pool got a really funny show watching this. And my daughter laughed so hard she almost peed her pants. So back to the gift shop I went to buy a nose piece. You would think that would have done the trick. But all it did was make me breathe too fast out of my mouth and I got really light headed. Plus the snorkel only stayed upright for a short while, then back with the choking water. OMG! I am so determined to get these laps done. I only was able to do 4 laps with lots of interruptions from me being an idiot. The poor life guard thought I was going to drown. LOL

We went to Wally World last night and bought a new mask and snorkel. Haven't tried it yet but plan on very soon. My face is too sunburned today to wear the mask and so I am home writing my blog instead of being at my NEW favorite place to hang out.

Have a great weekend I will be at the pool trying out my new snorkel and dancing like a MANIAC...LOL

P.S. my WW weigh in last night survived the 26 point movie popcorn disaster. I lost 2.2 making my grand total of 56.4 pounds weighing in at 155.2. I also changed my WW life time goal to 143 so I had a little more wiggle room (you are only allowed to gain 2 pounds to remain free as a life timer) But in my mind my goal is 140 still. So that gives me 5 pounds to play with. Smart I think.


  1. Great job on the loss! I love pools, if I could, I'd spend all my time there! You're very lucky!

  2. Great WI, and you were all upset over the popcorn, silly girl... LOL ... wish I had a pool to hang at it is over 100 here ugh!!! we are headed to the beach today for 2 nights of coastal camping woo hoo!!!

  3. That pool sounds like too much fun!! Great job on the loss. Could someone take a video of your goggle, snorkle, swimming adventure? I'd love to see that!! :O Have a great weekend.

  4. The pool looks super fun! I'm gonna have to try that one out...

    Why doesn't April go with you this year?

  5. We would LOVE to hang out at the pool with you if we were close! The city pool at the "big big park" John loves so much is always so full of bigger kids rough-housing that I don't feel real good about taking him most of the time ... and the past week or so most days we've been free to go it's been too hot to walk up in the first place!

    HUGE congrats on the awesome weigh-in!!!

  6. that pool sounds like a gem! And so nice that you can pack your own foods

  7. Yay!
    Glad to help.
    You can also email me anytime.

    Here's how to make your video smaller, to fit in the space better.
    It's all in the HTML.
    See where it says "object width 580 and height 360?"
    Well, change those numbers down by half (or so.)

    So first, get the embed code from YouTube,
    Then, copy and paste. Then in the HTML tab,
    (in Blogger) change BOTH SETS of numbers.

    Look down toward the end - change those numbers, too!

    This is part of your video embedding code.
    object width="580" height="360"........etc. etc...
    Change those numbers for the new dimensions!

    Let me know if that helps!
    I taught myself most of this,
    So there might be an easier way.
    But this is how I do it!

  8. Cool video - fits nicely - no distraction!
    And the water splashing scene!
    I felt like I was there!

  9. This looks like such fun!! Way to go on the weigh in!!! Hugs...

  10. Your weight loss - wow, what a feeling! That scene from Flashdance is tatooed in my brain.

    Really like this pool post. Made me feel cool and refreshed! So glad you found the new pool! Hope the new snorkel works out for you!

    After this weekend--last baseball tourney of summer--I'm getting back on the W/L boat with you. I should be 143, too.

    Let's row! I mean "let's go!"

    Thanks for all of your kind support; really gives me a lift. HUGS!!

  11. looks like so much fun!!! Congrats on the loss.