Monday, July 26, 2010

Muffin bottom

I discovered today that my muffin top is gone but now I have a "muffin bottom" that I don't know what to do with. Let me explain what it is.

You know when you put on a swimsuit and the fat around the edge of the leg openings under your tummy? Well I call that my "muffin bottom". It hangs out of the swimsuit a little more than I like, so I have to wear a pair of shorts or a cute little shirt to hide it. I hope someday that I lose that "muffin bottom" like I did my muffin top.

I wonder if any of you know how I can get rid of it or if I have to have surgery? I am only a few pounds away from my WW goal weight. And I am thinking I want to get below the weight they have set for me (the healthy weight chart number) So I am thinking it may not be ALL fat. But I can say that I HATE it. I can not do sit ups and I am very limited to exercises because of my MS, so now what?


  1. ymuffin bottom! :) I soooo have that going on! I was told to wait a year after I get to goal (not even close yet!) a see and then see if the skin/fat in that area shrinks...if not I'm vain enough to concider surgery.
    Can you do seated leg lifts? or when in the pool, hold on to the edge facing into the pool and bring your legs in (all the way to your chest if you can)and then extend them out (so it looks like you are sitting in the water with your legs straight out in front of you)--it'll work those lower ab muscules.

  2. Thanks I will so do that in the pool. I go like everyday you know, What a great exercise.

  3. you just need to wait it out and hope that your skin retracts as you lose.. there are no spot checks.. if you are still unhappy, surgery might be the way to go.. but really, you might just be so pleased that you lost all the fat that you just might be comfy in your own skin... what a novel idea but so possible!!


  4. Funny! I have muffins all over my body, it seems. Sigh.

  5. I'm still working on the muffin TOP...{smile}

  6. you are way too cute!!! good luck at the Dr. today.