Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mirror challenge Award

I received this really cute blog award from Karen at Muffin Fixation. Because she did something really cool instead of the rule of telling 10 things about yourself, I wanted to changed it up too. Since I already did a 7 things you didn't know about me on an earlier post. This little blog award is so darn cute, thank you Karen. Not sure if I deserve it but Thank you again. I hope I do it justice. Here I go:

In order to fulfill my requirements for this award I have to do the following:

1. Thank the recipient: Thanks, Karen!!!
2. Link back to the giver: See above and here again.
3. Reveal 10 things about me: Which I choice not to do again instead I am going to look in the mirror and find 10 things I like about myself. That is going to be REALLY REALLY hard. But I will try, only cause I need to do this more.

Get This from CyArena.com

1). I love my new hair cut and color. I am always going way out there when it comes to being different and my hair is no exception. I realize that its not for everyone but I am NOT just anyone. So I dared to do it. I started this years ago but this is the most color I have gotten at one time. See for yourself.

2). My new size 12 jean shorts and bright colored San Diego tee shirt.

3). My eyes. I have always had nice eyes and that is an easy one for me to pick. I always know when its going to be a great day when I get my eye liner on even. LOL This was taken with my cell phone so its not very big, sorry.

4). My shoe inserts which is helping me walk. And I got these shoes the day before we left on our trip. I put velcro in them to keep them from falling off. I was not going to wear tennis shoes to the beach. And they were white so I used a Sharpie marker and colored them so they didn't stick out like a sore thumb.

5). My suntan. I know some of you will have a hard time with this one because of the whole skin cancer thing. But I believe that brown fat looks thinner than white fat. Hence I love the sun. This is a picture of my feet after my trip to CA. Notice my feet are swollen and I need lotion. LOL

6). My thinner legs is another thing I see that I like better than my old ones.
7). Now its getting hard. I can name objects like my jewelery but I'm thinking that probably doesn't count. So now what? Especially since I make my own jewelery for the most part. So I am grasping at straws here. UGH. This is harder than I thought. Ok how about my new boobs. I will save you the TMI photo and just trust me I have a cleavage. See from my beach photos.
8). My long fingers on my hands. I always wanted to learn to play the piano but never did. Probably a good thing now since my MS would not allow me to play. But I have perfect fingers for that and to also be able to wear big rings. Which I love. Got the Coral ring in CA. Its way pretty. And I am getting nails put on tomorrow, so I cut my off before they do.

9). My smile is one I love sometimes. Since my brain surgery and after they cut the nerve at the base of my brain stem, I have no feeling on the left side of my face. So when I am tired my smile is crooked. So I have to smile big to have a straight one. So I am ALL teeth most of the time.
10). Which brings me to my last and final one thank goodness. That would be my white teeth. I love how white they are especially when I am tan and have on a dark lip stick.

So Now for the final part of this award. I need to pass it on to 3 people. Because I follow so many this one is even harder than looking in the mirror But I will do my best. Here they are in no order.
1~Vickie. Love her, she is my new found BFF from San Diego.
2~ TaDa from the other side of the coast FL. It amazes me on how much fun she can have and still loss weight doing it.
3~And lastly it has to be Genie. You crack me up with your stories and your life is so interesting. It just goes to show me that being over 50 doesn't mean you are legal to be boring.

Well I hope I didn't bore you all to tears but I was given this award and I wasn't going to do nothing with it. Thank you again Karen. (I guess I am thankful.) LOL


    enough to yank myself from the lurking closet :)
    the positivity RADIATES and I found myself nodding and smiling with all you said.
    especially the hair :)
    I covet the hair...


  2. This is wonderful. And it really made me wonder about coming up with that many things I like about myself... could I do it? My college roommate used to lay out in the sun beginning the first slightly warm day each spring because she also said that tan fat looks thinner:)

  3. Oh, Lesia, you don't know how much I needed a boost today! Thank you a million times!!! You are too good to me!

    I think you forgot to mention that your legs are very shapely and enviable. Plus, no ugly veins--perfect skin--unless that is air-brushing. Great toenails, too.

    My rule is that it's OK to get tanned (by the sun) as long as there is no burning involved. Brown skin definitely looks thinner than white skin; no contest.

    Your smile is also one to covet. Not just the white teeth factor, but the overall quality. Extremely high rating on the radiance-and-inner-glow scale!

    I admire you for adding the color to your hair. Your personality can definitely pull it off.

    Again, I appreciate the recognition! As I recently did the "7" thing too, I might attempt your mirror challenge. Tomorrow or this weekend, being the procrastinator that I am.

    Have a great day! Work that smile! Big hug!

  4. Thank you so much! I not only LOVED your post with ten things you like about yourself...I am HONORED that you would choose me to pass this award on to! I think am going to follow your lead and see if I can come up with ten things I like about my appearance...wow! That might be hard!
    By the way...I love, love, love your smile too

  5. Love the post. I agree with Genie with your bubbly personality the hair is a fit!! :)

    You actually got me tanning again. I feel better about myself with a nice tan

    The Carnation creamer is what I used to use, but I drink 3 cups of coffee every morning and that is 3 points!! I measured it!! I tried the Mocha Mix light... yuck!! With the Fat Free half and half I can have 3 cups of coffee for only 2 points. I must admit the Carnation creamer is better but thats because it has a gram of fat in every 15 ml's

  6. Lookit how cute your hair is!
    All the changes - inside and out!
    Great! And you deserve every award!

  7. Love the hair. I used to had red and blond streaks...now just blond.

    Love the toe ring too :)