Saturday, September 25, 2010

The best concert thus far!

I just wanted to start out by saying OH MY GOODNESS!!! Can Brad put on a show!!! The visual technology that he had blew my mind! Never have I seen such a techie concert as his! If you love country music and every get a chance to see him, I STRONGLY recommend you do. Money well spent!

As must of my followers know I bought a Mega Concert ticket package at the beginning of the summer. Well this was the closing show of the season. Brad Paisley's Water Tour was the BOMB!!!

We started the day out at a smaller stage that would be featuring 3 lesser known, but still on the radio, singers. The gates opened before Clay got off from work, so he met me there when the big acts started later that night. I took my girlfriend, Brook, who had not been to a concert in many years. So I was so happy to see her excitement to be at the show. Clay arrived with my dearest best friend and her husband. Camille & Erik had not heard Brad's music before, but were more than happy to spend the evening with us. Now that's a TRUE friend!

I hope you enjoy just a few of the shots I took of my exciting day.
Josh Thompson.

Oh yeah at the smaller stage we were on the front row. Brook had never been so close to a singer. It was so cute.
Brook made sure that NO BODY even came close to my foot or dare stand in front of me either. What a sweetie!
Easton Corbin
Steel Magnolia
They are a husband and wife team. So cute to see them sing together.
Justin Moore
Justin was a great opening act for the big stage performers. He has several hit songs and he played them all.
Darius Rucker
And you all know who this is right? Brad Baby!!!
Brad has been playing the guitar since he was 8. He can really jam with the best of them too.
BUTT shot....Oh La La!
This cute puppet was part of his show. While he was singing "Celebrity" a video was playing on the huge HD screen behind his stage. This was the puppet in the video that played Brad. After the end of the song he had the puppet come out to greet the fans.
Now for this photo. The camera is NOT zoomed. I was like 2 feet from him as he made his way through the crowd. If I hadn't been trying to get a picture I could have grabbed his butt.
The only thing separating me from Brad was a railing and a bunch of security guards. I screamed so loud that I know he heard me. Way cool.The reason he was walking right by me was that he was going to a small platform in the middle of the arena. He sang a few songs but mostly talked to the crowd. He said when he was younger he could never afford the seats close to the stage. He made a promise to himself, that if he ever made it big he would perform a few songs to the people in the cheap seats. What a sweet guy.

It would not surprise me to see him someday excepting the Entertainer of the Year award. He has my vote!


  1. WOW... super cool!! Glad you had such a blast and got some great pics! I so want to be a concert girl too!!!!


  2. Glad you got to enjoy great season...

  3. Wow! Your pics are great! thanks for sharing. I like country music so I know who all these people are. I am so glad to see Steel Magnolia make it. I saw them when they were on tv (NAshville Star maybe???) and liked them instantly.


  4. Looks like a blast!!!! you are amazing!

  5. I like that part about Brad playing to the people in the cheap seats. That's a nice touch.

    Glad that the show was so great. I remember that you were looking forward to it.

    Good butt shots, too!

  6. So happy that you made it and had fun!! I'm a country fan myself...right now living vicariously through you!

  7. Way to go! A great time and got your well-being taken care of, too. You rock! Keep doing what you do! Much love to you!

    Becky from

  8. Great pictures!! I'd love to see him in concert some day.
    So glad you had a great time!!
    diane :)

  9. Yep that concert was the bom! I am so grateful you asked me to go. Thank you so much! I had the best time.