Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weigh In

As most of you know, I have been under the weather. I have still been forcing myself to go to water aerobics 3 days a week. Yesterday I did 1 hour of aerobics, where we jogged a mile, then stayed and swam (snorkel & mask) 2000 feet and did 300 stomach crunches. Not sure but I think that the aerobics has actually made the pain worse. Swimming and crunches don't hurt but the class exercises do. I think the water resistance on my foot is too much and I am feeling it in the evenings. OUCH! Surgery is still on the schedule for Oct 4th. My good foot is getting better:)

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. I had a really hard time with STRESS at my weigh in's, til I changed my goal weight magic number. So after I met the number, I thought I would have less stress. WRONG! Now every Thursday night I try to find the lightest weighing clothes to wear. I still want to loss another 10 pounds below my WW goal weight. I have even gone as far as to take ALL my jewelry of to get that extra .2 pounds.

Well not tonight! With the weather getting cooler and wanting to remove that extra stress. I decided what the heck! I am sick to death of wearing the same ugly clothes every time. WHY did I get these cute clothes if I am not going to wear them. So I put on my heavy LONG jeans and off to the meeting I went. With my mind set to having a BIG gain! Even had a bet with Clay that it would be like 5 lbs.

See last Thursday was the UTE football game, so I weighed in that morning. (which I always weigh less in the mornings, DUH!) So let me see how many excuses I can come up with to my mental weight gain. 1..muscle from swimming, 2..water from the salty popcorn every night, 3...the pizza I ate at the game, 4..night vs day; I was weighing in, 5..not eating enough, cause I have been laid up, 6..wearing heavy clothes, 7..not tracking, etc... YOU GET THE PICTURE!

In my mind I thought I blew it this week, so I might as well go out in style! Well I was up, but only by 1.6 pounds. My leader said with the jeans, and the time of day the weigh in was compared to last week, that I more than likely DID NOT gain this week. REALLY??? Bring on the PIZZA!

Oh well at least I can wear my cute clothes now on Thursday nights and feel good doing it! We have another home game this Saturday afternoon. I will be packing and sneaking some healthy food in, as I root for my UTAH UTES!!


  1. I just read the details of your injury!! How did I miss that post?

    Sounds very painful! OUCH, OUCH, OUCH. I would have cried and cussed, too. I hate to stub my toe.

    Yay for you, putting on those jeans! You are so courageous at everything you do. SERIOUSLY!!

    HUGS to you and your beautiful assistant, Kayla.

    Dear God,

    Please help Lesia's feet heal quickly. She is a big UTE fan and must jump around and be her animated, fun self during football season.

    GO UTES!

  2. Wow - getting all of that exercise in even with your injury - amazing!! Have fun at the next game!!

  3. Lesia, Need to get rid of that stress. Girl you are doing so great and look fabulous!!! Give yourself a break...stay focused, but don't obsess!!! I am praying for you and for the surgery on 10/4.


  4. I thought about you all day. Lesia we all stress over the number, I am now getting stress from people about not losing any more and I am one pound within the healthy range, I think it is all about feeling comfortable with yourself. Lesia make peace with yourself and it will all fall into place, or so this is my take, which my view and a buck wwith get ya a cup of coffee.

  5. WooHoo!!! You are amazing. You didn't gain any weight. I agree with Kris, it is just heavier clothes and weighing in at night instead of in the morning.
    Congratulations, you're doing great!!
    P.S. Take it kind of easy until after the surgery. Just do the things that don't hurt.

  6. Yay! Who needs that stress? You keep wearing your cute clothes!! Good for you girl!

  7. I remember when I did WW and I had gone to my first weigh in dressed for the gym. My exercise clothes were not as heavy as my winter "street" clothes. So from that point forward I had to be sure to dress similarly for the weigh-in!

  8. That's so cool. And now you can wear your jeans and be warm. :)

  9. That's what I'm talking about! Don't be so negative even if you think you may have screwed it up. I thought I would have gained a bunch of pounds sitting around with this broken ankle. I actually lost 22 lbs since the beginning of June when I had my surgery.
    You're smart and know what to do. You're doing awesome and looking tubular!

  10. Thanks for the birthday visit! I appreciate that, Sweetie! Hope your feet are feeling better!