Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who Knew????

Well I checked my body fat today . The last time I checked it was 4 months ago. I have been noticing that the hanging skin in the inside of my thighs was getting smaller. So I was hoping that the pool exercises had something to do with that. I wanted to see if I was building muscle so hence the body fat check.

Well can I have a DRUM ROLL please?

Here's some background to set the stage. 4 months ago: I was really not happy that even at the smaller size I was still in the last category OBESE, so I didn't want to check it every month. Too depressing. ((sniff)) I thought with all the exercises I should have a change in the %. So I checked today.

I am DOWN 5% since the last time.

But what I find even funnier is I am STILL considered OVER WEIGHT but just by 1%...LOL Well at least I am no longer Obese.. I'll take it. Here's the chart I found that I used.

I KNOW its only a number on a chart and I should only focus on HOW I feel but just saying...((with a BIG smile)) Who knew that I could gain muscle being in a wheelchair with MS???


  1. Glad to hear some good news and that you are happy with it. :) way to go !!!!!

  2. That is why you inspire so many! You manage to do it so what excuses do the rest of us have?!

  3. Great news!!! 5% in 4 months is really amazing!


  4. That's great! Just think how well you'll be doing after your foot is better. YOU ROCK!!!!!

  5. Hey congrats on the 5% loss. That is great news :)

  6. WHOOHOOOOO! Great job my friend! See those pool workouts REALLY WORK! :) I totally notice my flabbies getting smaller! :) hehe SO happy for you!

  7. Wow, Lesia! That's a big achievement! Great job!