Friday, September 3, 2010

Hip Hip Horray!

Yesterday was a Great day! My Utah Ute football team won their season opener, in a nail biting game, by a field goal in over time. (27-24) That makes 17 STRAIGHT HOME WINS. 1 more and we BEAT the conference record for home wins! We have the best fans at the game! I screamed and jumped and enjoyed ALL my TD kisses. But not only was that a winner but so was my WI.

I was down another 1.4 pounds this week. At this stage of the game, that is a BIG loss. 2 more weeks and then I will be a FREE member! I have lost 63.4 pounds now. I think when I reach 70 total, I will start my maintenance program. That will put me at 140 pounds. My WW leaders are having fits with my logic, but it's my body and I am the best judge of it. I will listen to them and as long as I am feeling healthy, eating a balanced diet and are within my BMI guidelines. They just need to RELAX and remember I am a "SPECIAL" member.

Just got back from the pool and did my water aerobics plus 2 more hours of laps and lower ab exercises. Loving this gym. But everything will come to a sudden stop Oct 4th when I will be having foot surgery. But as soon as I get the green light from the Dr. I will be back in the game!

Have a great Labor Day everybody!


  1. HEY there. Thanks for sticking with me. Congrats on the loss. You are doing marvelously!

  2. Way to go! And I hope you don't mind me sharing one piece of advice from the "been there, don't do this" files of my yo-yo years. Keep going to meetings and to weigh in! I did WW years ago and stopped attending when I hit lifetime. Mistake.

  3. Lesia- I say this all the time but you really know how to have a good time!!!


  4. Super awesome weight loss... how cool is it to almost be in maintenance. Way to go girl!! :)


  5. Have the WW people been begging you to become a class leader? They should be! You would be so inspiring to their membership. It's not that hard to do, and, if you're worried about earning money, believe me, it's not that much!!

    That is a big loss! You will be light-as-a- feather at 140. Do what you need to do, but know when to say "when".

    Have a great weekend yourself! That's awesome about your team. When is the next home game?

  6. Congrats to your team for another WIN! :) High 5 to you as well for that great loss! WHOOHOOO! :) Have a great weekend!