Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After a very long sleepless night, I decided I have to blog about this.

So right before I went to bed I checked my e-mail and found 1 that someone had left a comment on my Key to Success post. This is what "anonymous" wrote:

"How can you say WW is the program for you when you don't even follow it. You don't eat all the points, you don't even track so how can you say it is for you when you aren't following it. I'd love to know what diet pills you've been taking this whole time because it is obvious that is what you've been doing!"

Whoever it was was too chicken to log in as them so I don't know who it was. When I read it I was sad, hurt and mad so I went to my blog and removed the comment.

I felt the need to set the record straight. Hence this post. I hope none of you have had to experience rude and hurtful comments. It really is not fun. Now I find it humorous because if I was only taking diet pills I sure in the heck wouldn't be exercising and then my foot would not be injured. I sure would not have been spending $40.00 a month for the last 10 months to a program that I wasn't following. My family would be eating junk food and I would have attended more social gatherings where I could have indulged in the unhealthy foods that were there. I have missed out on a lot of things for taking those diet pills.

Here is some background about me and my dieting. All my life I have had weight issues. When I was 25 I was struck with MS and my self esteem went even lower. Not able to do much and having the MS tell me what I can and can't do was very hard for me to except. I have control issue. So with WW I have regained my control back by controlling the foods I eat.

My neighbor was going to WW and I wanted to go check it out so I went with her. I was impressed with their program and even though I was not able to exercise at the time I wanted to see if only changing my food choices would allow me to lose.

I found a lot of great information out about myself in the meetings. I knew I did not have the normal eating problems that the other members were talking about. As the doctors have told me over the years I have a big problem with my metabolism working properly. It took years for them to get the right amount of medication to stay in my body (blood stream) long enough to be effective.

The reason I say this is because for a normal dieter the points that WW have set for you are healthy. But for me I had to adjust them in order to lose weight. For me I only needed a small amount of points. It may be from the lack of any exercise or movement too. So yes I DO NOT eat the number of points that the program ask. But if I did I would have been gaining not losing. It took several weeks before I got to the right # of points for me.

As far as tracking goes. Oh I tracked religiously for the first 7 months. I could see a pattern with my day to day eating so I though I really didn't need to be a slave to a tracker. I had gotten in the habit of eating and knowing the low point foods. I was very strict and mainly ate only 1 or 2 point foods in the day.

So I did a test back in March to see if not tracking would mess me up. I did it and am still doing it. I have a brain and I keep a mental tab of my points through out the day. Again I am not saying that this will work for every one. But it is working for me.

I have not missed any of my meetings, binged or even fell off the wagon for a year now. I have exercised to the point of hurting myself and in spite of my physical challenges I continue to exercise.

This is my new life and I love it and LIVE it! Any NO NO NO I am NOT taking any thing other then my prescribed medication. So I am sorry if there are those out there that are struggling and feel the need to lash out on me and my success in hopes to make themselves feel better.

I know that I am doing this without pills and my REAL friends know it too. So to all those others that think otherwise. You can KISS my BUTT!

Keep your jealous self off my blog. I have set my blog to only allow registered bloggers to leave comments now. No more chicken shit comments. This is all about accountability right? So be accountable to your comments.

Thinking I may speak up at my meeting to set this person, who ever it is, straight. I am 99% sure they are in my meeting. It is just not my style to let it go. Should I say something or have my leader say something?

I am very out spoken and confrontational. But I can be very caring, loving and understanding too. I am so confused on what to do.


  1. Darling,
    Out of every blogger on the planet, knowing your success, and knowing what you go through daily, and the awesome that you are, I must add that you have every right to tell Anonymous to "Shut the Front Door". People suck, and you are the bomb !!! Stop the madness...

  2. YOU ROCK!!!! but you forgot the part "I will kick their butt" also. Love ya and please call anytime... or text.

  3. I say ignore the hater. I feel bad that this happened to you and more so that you think it might be someone AT YOUR MEETING- where you are suppose to get support. Everyone is there for the same reason!! SAD!

    I'm proud of you....and I think it was good to vent on your blog post. Stay strong girl! :)

  4. I am with TJ ignore... silence is the best reaction...


  5. Good job my friend! This is why I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog...when I'm actively blogging that is ;)

  6. I would think calling the person out on here would be enough of a confrontation. Sad that you think it's from someone from your meeting. Regardless, no one should have said that to you. WW is not precise enough to account for every one. That's why sometimes you have to finagle with the points to get it to work for you. I had to do that with WW when I was breastfeeding. They allow for so many extra points but the leader specifically told me to play with it because it doesn't work for everyone.

  7. Although it was a rude comment I also believe you should blow it off this person for some reason wanted to make you mad probably because of jealousy. Don't let them win blow it off and move on! We all know how hard you've been working!

  8. Lesia, a long time ago I went to some Weight Watchers meetings with an aunt of mine. I too have struggled with weight issues, but at the time I went it was to learn what support I could give to my aunt. The leaders informed the group each time, that everybody had different point systems to follow. Why would the points be different? Because everybody's system (metabolism) is different. Those on certain medications have that to consider also. It takes a fair amount of time to figure out what is working for a person and adjustments are still figured along the way.

    The Team Leader(s) should be expressing this at every meeting, just as a reminder.

    But Lesia, don't let the comment by Anonymous "Eat your lunch". The only person it's really bothering is you. Pray to God to help Anonymous, then pray to release the burden from the comment.

  9. Hi Lesia,

    Allan directed me to your blog and I'm glad he did. My Dad was diagnosed with MS 21 years ago, so I understand your struggle in that area...and I myself have a weight problem, so I understand your struggle in that area, too. I'm very sorry that you've been attacked by the coward "Anonymous". I would have done the same thing in venting on my blog about this. Now that you've done that, I hope you can let it go. I think to mention it at your meeting would give the coward more power than he/she deserve. Do what you feel comfortable with, but if you're asking for an opinion, this is mine. You should be very proud of what you've're fabulous. :)

  10. hey,
    I am over from allan's blog as well.
    they say living well is the best revenge...well, so is looking good and youu look good.
    Someone is jealous and frustrated. lol.
    heap coals on their head by being happy.
    works every time.

  11. That person was a p*ssy...

    I should probaby pray for that person, but honestly, I don't give a crap about p*ssies.

    Yes, Allan said you didn't like cuss words, but words with asterisks don't count!


  12. Hot stuff, you do NOT need to justify your actions. You're awesome, we love you. YOU know the truth about yourself, so screw anyone that's too dumb to read for his or her self.

  13. I am so sorry that you got that nasty comment! I think the world of you and am inspired by you constantly. I have done WW. I think that you have found a way to make it work for you and that is worthy of kudos, not an anonymous comment. I think you should do what you need to feel good about yourself. If this post was enough to get it out of your system, move on. If it simmers for you and you find yourself thinking about it in meetings, talk to the leader. You are amazing!

  14. What a seriously crappy thing for someone to do!! That person must have some bad feelings about themselves to be lashing out at you.

    You have done an amazing job!! And what an inspiration you've been as you've pressed on with MS, foot injury and so forth.
    Don't let that one bad seed trample on your joy!!
    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say "thank you" for all of the encouragement you give to others!!

  15. That person had it coming. But you know, it ended up causing you to post something informative (and maybe helpful for others) so in the end, ya done good.

    I got in the habit of calculating points in my head, too, when I did WW (and the habit kinda lingers), so I knew when I was AT and then ABOVE points, without tracking. I think the idea of writing down is as a discipline, a focus exercise (the way, say, Allan of Almost Gastric Bypass posts to focus). In that regard, the studies back it up.People who journal their eating end up eating less.

    And as we all know, once we blew out calories to heck, we were less disposed to TRACK. Or blog. That's my experience, anyway.

    You keep doing what you need to do. Maybe someone with MS will find encouragement here, or someone with other issues.

    Wishing you the best,

  16. Anonymous meanies abound and every single one of them is a coward. I have no patience or respect for internet bullies. They are obviously unhappy people with nothing better to do than lash out at others. You are doing great. You are a courageous woman and you should hold you head high. :)

  17. You've done so well and are one of the nicest bloggers I've ever met! I think you did a great job expressing yourself in this post. If I were you, I would move on and drop it... forgive the judging critic who posted that comment (no statue was ever erected to a critic!), and move forward with all the joy that you now have in your life! Because so many of us love you and support you and think AWESOMELY of you! Let it go so it doesn't turn into a bigger grudge - don't let that person have any more power over you! (that's my 2 cents!)

    Have a fabulous day!!!


  18. I hate people who do not leave their name and say something mean. I came across your blog on Allan's and I am now a follower. I am on Weight Watchers and love it. You have done great keep it up.

  19. I'm over from Allan's blog also. I think cmoursler hit the nail on the head -- someone is jealous and frustrated. Let it roll right off your back like water. Not worth your time or energy. Looking forward to checking out more of your blog!

  20. I am over here from Allan's blog too and want to tell you that I think you did the right thing. Obviously they are a cowardly person for not signing their name and you are ABOVE that. You have conquered so much and they took the cheap way out. Congrats on your success and I look forward to learning more about you and your successes!

  21. Sorry to hear about the coward who posted that trash. It's disgusting when people do that, there is no lower life form.

    Luckily, the only mean comments & false assertions on or about my blog have been "signed sealed and direct delivered" so I know exactly who they come from.

  22. Jealousy rears it's ugly head!! I know it's hard but I would ignore this ANONYMOUS person (come can at least identify yourself!!) and move on. Weight loss works differently for everyone.

    Sadly, I hear about these negative comments on a lot of different blogs. It's usually on a blog where the individual is doing well and achieving what they set out to do. Some people can't accept the success of others. Sad but true!!

    (For the future tho...log into your blogger account and click on the comments section. Block all anonymous comments and you won't have any dummies trolling on your comments section. ;)

    And to "Anonymous": If weight loss was as simple as taking a pill...we would all be skinny!! Ugh.

  23. Found you through Allan's blog.

    Good for you for blocking the anonymous idiots. And silence is golden.

  24. Oh Lesia- what an awful comment to make to you. I am sure it was just someone who gets great joy out of ruining peoples days. And you know what? You blog day in and day out about WW and the foods you eat and such. Who cares what someone else who doesnt even know you says! You are doing great and have accomplished more than most people ever well. Keep up your great work. You are an awesome motivation to me and I am sure many others.


  25. Don't get me started about the haters. You Rock, stay strong, lets go kick that dumb ass in the rear !! My husband Allan sent me over, and we are here for ya..

  26. Allan sent me over and I think you should do what feels right to you. If you want to say something at your meeting, do it! You're doing awesome. I wish I knew where these deadbeats came from.

  27. You have done fantastic with WW. You are an amazing person and anyone who says different really does not know you at all.

  28. Wow, what a chickensh*t. Sorry, can't help it.

    When I was doing weight watchers, I would lose weight with the daily points I got, but If I used any of the allowance, it was a guarantee that I'd gain. It has to be adjusted for each person, to find what works for them. How rude of someone to accuse you of not following because you changed something up.

    I agree that I wouldn't bring it up at WW, as you did call them out here.

    There's always someone who can't be nice, isn't there? I think you should be proud of what you've done, and you don't have to defend yourself to someone who's too cowardly to actually put their name down.


  29. Hi Lesia!

    New to your blog-came over from Allan's page...

    My best friend is an MS scientist, so I've learned alot about it through her research. After all you have been through, I think it is extraordinary that you are dealing with this with such poise. I'm only having a bad day and yet I let a whole slew of curses go on my blog, and here you are being so strong yet proper about it all-truly commendable!

    This person is not worth your energy, but I certainly don't blame you for wanting to take it to them, and you should-even if only to allow you to sleep better, but also to let them know that you know.

    There sure are crappy people out there, and I'm sorry that you have to deal with that BS. Sounds like jealousy to me-drunken jealousy, or just an idiot, like you said.

    Go get 'em and good luck!

    Polar's Mom

  30. Lesia, I agree with the others who said that you should let it go. I know that that is hard to do. However, "Anonymous" does not deserve any more of your time. You can't know for sure who wrote the comment so you can't confront them directly. Your talking about it at the next meeting will just give "Anonymous" a sense of satisfation that he/she got to you.

    I think that this post that you wrote concerning it was exactly the right thing to do. You answered the accusations in a very kind manner.

    You are awesome. Those of us who know you, know how hard you have worked to achieve this goal. You are an inspiration to all of the rest of us! I love you and I am lucky to have you for a friend.

  31. Chicken Shit Anonymous!
    You are the bomb dot com.
    Walk on past that street rubbish....
    Forgive and forget!

  32. Screw the, there are always haters. Jealousy rears it's ugly head. You rock!!!

  33. Hey Friend! Visiting you from Allan's blog. You, my dear, have a very inspiring story! Not only that, you have a stellar attitude! The thoughtlessness of others can really sting. But you know the truth, and the truth shall set you free! I just hope I can be half as strong and dedicated as you are in my own journey.

  34. Hello! I am a new follower, and look forward to your posts!
    I agree silence is golden...
    Might be good for the leader to offer some advice or discuss that people may have different points set out than others...but I am sure "unnamed" has already read this post and all of the supportive comments, and I would hope they get the picture.
    Take care and have a great evening!

  35. Another pilgrim from Allan's blog here..just wanted to add my support. I basically have done what you do - had to modify points due to medical issues and medications taken - it all works for me though I no longer track (for the same reasons as you) or attend meetings (for my own icky anonymous story reason!)and I have received nothing but support for my efforts both at WW and in real life. So my advice is always if it ain't broke don't fix it. You are fine and free to move about the planet. Anonymous is obviously stuck stuck stuck and looking for enough attention to spin her wheels out of the hole she dug herself. Don't give it to her. Just take care of you.

  36. Hi my Friend,

    Ack!! I don't know how anyone could be mean to you!!! Makes me so mad!! You have a plan and you're working it. You have success. I don't know why anyone would question what you are doing.

    You have so inspired me and I grateful for you!! Keep up the great work!!!!


  37. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your inspirational sharing! I am a new follower and have also given you The Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by my blog at your earliest opportunity to pick up your award and receive instructions on gifting it forward. Keep up the excellent work!

    Becky from

  38. Girl, congratulations on your success. You are an inspiration. This person doesn't know you and is clearly in a really terrible place if they feel the need to lash out at you. I say you should do whatever you need to (speak up or stay silent) to make yourself feel best and gain closure. I'm new to your blog, but very excited to follow and support you on this journey!

  39. Hi Lesia:

    I am a follower of Allan's blog., and came to visit you from there. I am not a weight loss blogger, however, I could stand to lose a few pounds :-) I actually blog about my everyday life since I became a stay at home mom after a 25 year Marketing career. As well as being an ex-New Yorker and now living in the sticks outside Chicago.

    I have read your profile and many of your posts this morning and I must tell you that I am in awe and inspired by your patience, willpower, tenacity and support. When I read Allan's blog I am just amazed at all the hateful vengeance the weightloss community has for one another. It's like watching Israel and Palestine go at it. Most of the bloggers seem so self-rightous. It's their way or you will be flogged in front of the community. But, not you. You really seem like a wonderful human being, who is genuinely concerned for all her blogger friends.

    You should be extremely proud of your success. I have found from my blog that the people who leave anonymous comments are really those who are insecure, unhappy with themselves and have hatred and loathing in their cold-blooded hearts.

    Be proud!!! You Rock!!!

  40. You are wonderful and that person was obviously a jealous jerk. You have done amazing things for yourself in spite of all your obstacles, you have done it. So just keep on being you, because you are AMAZING!!!

  41. Wow, look at all the bloggers coming to your defense!

    I wouldn't give that person another thought. No confrontations or trying to figure out who it is. Look past these green eyes and live your fun life! HUGS!

  42. Well it sure looks like you got lots of blogger love *smile*. It's funny how all anonymous comments (the unsigned ones) are negative. Makes you wonder what kind of people they are in real life. Hope it wasn't anyone at your meeting. One time one of my TOPS members sent me a semi nasty email and I replied sending it to all the other members. I say if you can't say it to everyone you shouldn't say it at all same with signing your name. Hope you're realizing from all the comments how much support you got.

  43. Lesia,

    Jealousy is a ugly color. You are doing AMAZING!! What people dont understand is that there is no weightloss method that works for everyone. Everyone has to adjust things to make it work for them. That person was obviously just so frustrated with their lack of success that they felt they needed to bring you down with them.

    SCREW THEM!!!! Keep doing amazing things! You know you always have my support!


  44. You are one amazing woman! So who cares what some shmuck who isn't brave enough to post a name thinks!
    Sending you BIG HUGS and SMILES...and I know that Brad will make you forget all about this! :)