Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hey, I'm Kayla, Lesia's daughter. My mom has injured both of her feet and can't blog. She asked me to wright this to let you know she wont be on for a while. She needs to keep both of her feet up and on ice. She'll miss you but, will be back when she feels better.
She hopes you wont wright anything interesting of funny until she returns. Thanks, Kayla.

P.S. I will be reading your blogs to my mom. Look for a "Thumbs up!" of a "Smile."


  1. Please tell your mom that I am thinking of her and wishing she heals fast! And that last part sounded just like her:) Take good care of her Kayla.

  2. Hugs and smile to both of you!
    If I lived closer, I would offer to be your nurse!
    Get well soon!
    So you can cheer for the home team, and blog!

  3. Oh No!! Tell your mom I hope she heals up quickly... and to be careful not to eat too much ice cream while she sits there! :) Sending good wished your way!!

  4. Tell your mom I said hello, and get well soon!
    I gave her an award on my blog. ((HUGS))

  5. Tell your Mom we are all rooting for her to get better ((((hugs)))) Get better soon, I miss you already!!

  6. Very sorry to hear about that. Kayla, thanks for helping your mom. Tell her to get healed up real soon. It's great of you to be her personal assistant, and I'm sure that you're helping her in any way that you can. Make sure to keep the supply of ice coming to her.

    Please skip my blog entry from today because the posting is much too long. Just had some extra silly stuff in my head; nothing important or particularly interesting.

    Take care of yourself, Lesia. I will say a prayer for your speedy recovery! HUGS!!! Get those feet UP!!! Keep them there!

  7. What a sweet daughter!!!
    So sorry to see you are injured, get well soon!
    Best Wishes to you both!

  8. so very nice of you to help your mom. She is a gem. Wish her a speedy recovery. please!

  9. tell her to feel better

  10. What a sweetie helping your mom!! Please let her know that I will praying for God to relieve any discomfort she may be in and for a speedy recovery.
    Hugs to you both!
    diane :)