Monday, September 13, 2010

Bubble wrap anyone?

Actually this is a little wrap in comparison to Saturday's. I know its a long post, so you don't have to read it. Just another day in my crazy life!
Ok here's the ugly story. Besides the fact that I have been dealing with this foot since May. I injured it even more Saturday at the football game.

It was a very hot day at the game and I needed some ice for my foot so Clay went and got me a cup of ice and I put it in a Ziplock baggie. I wanted to be able to use my hands as our team was making some killer moves. So I was wondering if 1st aid would have something to help hold the baggie on.

At 1/2 time Clay went to get more ice which was at the opposite end of the stadium as I attempted to get out of the sun. As I was in the hallway I thought I would just go to get that wrap. That's where the DRAMA began!

The stadium holds 45,000 crazy UTE fans. And I think they were ALL in that hallway trying to get out of the sun, go potty, and get something to eat, etc. Once I was in the crowd (I was in my electric wheelchair), I was stuck! I had to continue to go all the way to the other end of the stadium to the 1st aid room. No turning back now.

I had my bad foot across my knee (lap) with the melting ice baggie on it. The crowd was not very interested that I wanted to get past, until a few loud mouth guys started yelling for then to MOVE! I was a bit embarrassed but thankful at the same time. Just when I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. (pardon the pun) A REALLY drunk man lost his balance and fell in my lap pushing my bad foot backward with his hand as he tried to catch himself. He ended up IN my lap. I screamed like I had been shot by a gun and immediately started crying hard.

The kids that were assisting me through the crowd were like "What did you do to her." As a normal reflex, I punched him as hard as I could in the middle of his back and screamed for him to get the HELL off me! He was so out of it I am sure he never even felt it but I bet the next morning he was like "Hey where did this BIG bruise in the middle of my back come from?" The kids were laughing at the fact that I just kicked his butt and I was the one injured...LOL

To make a long story short I had the cops come to my aide. See as the crowd was yelling for the boneheads to move so I could get by, the cops thought they were fighting. So the police got me to the 1st aid room. Funny how fast people move when they see a police officer with their clubs and guns.

I spent the next 30 minutes being seen by the paramedics and then I returned back to my seat. Clay saw the HUGE ice packs and wrap on my foot that the 1st aid did for me and was like "What the heck happened? I can't take you anywhere." I told him the whole ugly story and he felt bad that I was hurt but never even considered if I needed to leave the game. I know how much the games mean to him so I toughed it out and never complained. I stayed the second half in my chair not able to jump but I cheered like mad. Our team won and took the record in our conference for the most consecutive home game wins! 19 WOW!!!

Was it worth it? Well not really, but I am glad that I got to see my team beat the record. Now that's some team spirit there!

I just hope there isn't new damage that will jam up my surgery in 3 weeks. Hence the big foot wrap. Trying to get it better. The one at the game was like 2 times this size. It was over kill! It doesn't make a very pretty shoe with a skirt either. Church was interesting...

It does feel a little better today and I was able to go to the gym this morning; where I swam 1/2 mile and did my 500 leg/tummy crunches. It felt good to get back in the water.

Clay thinks I should not be allowed to leave the house without being fully covered in bubble wrap. What do you think?


  1. I vote for the bubble wrap, at least on that foot!!! Girl... take care of yourself!

  2. Now THAT is a story!! Feel better. :-)

  3. YES>>>>>>> Get some bubble wrap woman!! Why torture yourself until you are healed?? Glad your team won, tho. What a trooper you are!! Sheesh! I hope nothing else happens to you unless it's like winning the lottery or getting a free shopping spree! :)


  4. Clay might be onto something there!! You have certainly had your share of calamities.

    (Darn stinking Drunk!! Stay at home and get wasted, if you must. Don't inflict your behavior on the rest of us.)

    I hope that guy had a huge bruise, maybe even a cracked vertebrae in his back. If it had to happen, so funny that you were in a brawl in your wheelchair! Who does that??? Only a very devoted UTE fan.

    Take care of that foot!! Bubble wrap, ice, a padded room, armed bodyguards, whatever it takes! HUGS!

  5. Hope your foot gets feeling better soon. love ya!

  6. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! It's like that foot has a bullseye on it. The bubble wrap may be just the thing. Rest up that poor foot.
    Hugs ~ diane

  7. Holy crap! I cannot believe that happened to you! I find it very rude that people did not let you through ugh, people.
    When you mentioned bubble wrap I thought you got a little ding not a drunk man on your lap.
    Sorry this happened and I will be hoping for the best. You have had a heck of a time with this foot!

  8. Wow, what an awful time. I'm glad your team won though and I really hope you're still able to have the surgery on time.

    If you go the bubble wrap route, make sure you get the one with the huge bubbles! Everything will just bounce offa ya.

  9. What a creep.... I hate drunk obnoxious people when you are trying to enjoy an event.... there is a time and place for everything and destroying other peoples enjoyment isn't one of them ~ my oppinion anyways... I sure hope you get that foot fixed up.... I can imagine your pain... hugs

  10. Well, bless your heart! Nah, bubble wrap won't work. The same things happens to me. I would need a titanium box built around me to avoid injury. Sometimes I think the worst part is trying to explain how I *got* my injuries. I mean, really, a drunk man fell on your lap? I totally understand how that would happen. But I bet a lot of people laugh first. Your blog is pretty and also good. I just got on because I wanted to tell you that I love your girl on the treadmill...but then I read some of your posts. Try to be careful! congrats on your fabulous weight loss. You look great!

  11. I hope you feel better LEsia! You Poor thing!

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog today. Grandma????? SOmeone actually called you Grandma? Come on...not even close. You look great!!!!!!


  12. Haha...what a trip to the game...sounds like something I would have done :)

  13. Hey Lesia!

    Just read your comment about us in high school...

    Yeah, critical comments from boys would come to me through friends. "If she would just lose ten pounds....." "If she would be as worried about her weight as she is about her hair...." "She has a good personality, but....."

    Well-meaning friends that tried to "market" me to boys in spite of my weight problem. The whole ugly syndrome of being an overweight teen. If parents that overfeed, create bad food habits, do not stress physical activity, and are (hypocritically) critical of their daughter's weight could feel the pain of the overweight teenage girl, I think they would do better...

  14. Wow, you sure can drum up some action! :-)
    I hope the foot is better! Yes, it sounds like you should order a whole roll of bubble wrap!