Monday, April 19, 2010

Exercise Zero vs Pain One

Lately my feet have been hurting so bad. I am not sure whats going on with them. I have a few ideas but not sure if they are the reason why I am having so much pain. They hurt so bad that I can barely stand to walk on them.

Those who have known me, know that I don't wear shoes. With the nerve damage I have in my feet (from the MS), it makes it hard to wear anything on my feet. During the winter I wear lots of slippers. And in the summer I go barefoot ( I even have sole less sandals). I have several pair of slippers, so not wear out my favorite ones too quickly. For years I never really had a problem cause I spent more time with my feet on the foot rest of the wheel chair than I did on the floor.
Now that I have been up and walking they are getting pretty hammered. (my slippers that is).

There were several reasons why I couldn't wear shoes 1~the weight of the shoe was too much for me to lift in order to walk, 2~had to be completely flat (NO heals) to be able to keep my balance while walking, 3~with not having control of keeping the shoe to stay on my foot, they need to NOT be slip ons. (boot type works the best.) and lastly try to find a pair that meets ALL those rules was just not out there. So I wear slippers everywhere. (in the deep snow, heavy rain and even with dresses to church) Not the best solution for footwear but that's what has worked for me for years. Which brings me to this.

Its getting to warm to wear slippers now so I am experimenting other options. I got my sandals out and I have been wearing them the last few days. So is it not wearing my slippers that's causing my foot pain? Or the fact I have been going barefoot and with limited feeling in my feet I have bruised the bottom of them without knowing? Or is the deep dry cracks on my heals that are hurting? (I have been putting Vasoline on them every night). Maybe its the new sandals I bought. I think they are really cute (so I hope that's not that). More than likely I am afraid it's the fact that I am on them way more, now that I am hardly ever using the wheel chair. Or is it heel spurs. And if so how do I fix that? Is it the lack of arch support? I give up!

With the pain in my feet it is making it very hard to get my mind back to exercising. I would rather just lay back in my recliner and put my aching feet up in the air. I am so scared that the longer I skip my routine; the easier it will be to stop doing it all together. So I have this constant battle going on in my head: Exercise vs Pain. Right now the PAIN is winning. And I HATE THAT!!!!


  1. you may want to go to a foot doctor. The doctor has things to help. Robbie is wearing orthodics in his shoes to help with the foot pain.. Mom is on meds for hers. It must be some gene you all have. hehehehe see and it was even passed on to my kids. dang you all. just kidding. Hope it feels better soon. Love ya!

  2. I agree with Hol. You need to get to a foot doctor. I am mot sure about the gene but it may be. I know mom had problems with her feet also but I thought it was because of the disease that she had. Anyway, take care and Love ya.

  3. I agree with Holly and Pattie. You need to go see a foot doctor. The solution might be something very simple. Go get your feet checked out!!

  4. I've had heel spurs. Not pleasant at all. I was given a shot that goes into the bone and it hurt just as bad if not worse. To top it off was to last 24 hours but only lasted an hour. The other solution is surgery to remove the spur but they can come back.

    Causes of extreme foot pain. Hard surfaces, uneven surfaces, footwear that doesn't fit properly including arch support and cushion.

    All jobs I had in my life involved being on my feet. Depending on the job, I wore anything from cowboy style boots to sneakers to high heels, and usually on concrete floors. I didn't spend much money on footwear.

    When problems became more noticeable, I talked to a couple people, who by the way, spared no expense when it came to good footwear. I listened and even though it went against my thrifty nature, I spent more than 10 bucks on a pair of shoes. One pair of nice sandals from the ECCO line, $65 on sale. One pair of New Balance sneakers, $55 on sale. Two pair of SAS brand work shoe, bought at different times, average cost $140. Best investments I ever made, plus have two pair of heel cushion inserts. All of these shoes have good arch support, fairly flat bottoms, light weight (sneakers the heaviest). These shoes have outlasted all others by far.

    The work shoes haven't been used since late 2004. Around the house and yard I go barefoot, except for the back backyard, too many sandburrs LOL! I should wear shoes outside anyway because of allergies to bee stings.

    In any case Lesia, go see a foot doctor and one who knows the relationship with MS. Tell him/her about your exercise routine INCLUDING how many miles in amount of time completed on the stationary bike. You may be stressing your feet and legs after so long of not being used like that.

  5. Oh my gosh! That sounds horrible! :(

    I'm hoping your new shoes will be just the thing to help!

  6. Have you ever considered hand cycling as a cardio method? It might be something to consider when your feet get pissed off.