Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now what...a bike ride?

Well I just got back from the Foot Specialist and I have PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Just what I expected. See my earlier blog. He said I need MAJOR physical therapy. I start Monday morning at 7:40. He is optimistic that I will NOT need surgery (maybe a cast but not sure til I see the PT). Says its because I don't no how to walk correctly. GO FIGURE! He loved my new shoes though...LOL Weighed in this morning and I stayed the same. I am nervous about my weight loss now that I have injured my foot. But the doctor told me I can still ride my exercise bike just not the tread mill. So that makes me happier.

I just need to stay as active as my pain level will allow me to be. At least it isn't a MS thing...Hurray for freakin me!

After I got back from my Thursday night WW meeting I watched Survivor and the whole time I was thinking about how the doctor said I could ride my exercise bike. So you guessed it...after the show I rode for 1 hour and 12 minutes. I play my Zune while I exercise. And I have missed riding all week so I especially enjoyed the music tonight. The last few minutes I put on American Pie...What a great song to exercise to. Starts out slow (warm up) and then goes all out and finally the slow part at the end (cool down). And I can't ride without listening to my Kid Rock "All Summer long"...But mostly I love my country music. I put it on loud and sing right along with it. I can't carry a tone in a bucket either. Good thing it is at my house and not at a gym...

Missed a couple of my WW members tonight and I am hoping they are doing ok. I went with a big ice pack strapped to my foot. Nothing will keep me from my meetings. I learn SO much from them. I love our instructor and all the comments that others have. I am inspired by so many people there that it keeps me in check. It helps me realize that when I have bad weeks I AM NOT ALONE!

Cheers and here's to happy biking this week!


  1. Just stick with the bike and the rowing machine. That's pretty much all I do, cardio wise. I also do spin classes. Just stay off the foot in a pounding way.. ie: walking etc. You can totally lose weight with a bum foot it just makes it a bit harder. I say this as my foot is throbbing, so I totally understand. My doc said my PT is also largely due to my bad gate. Basically, re learn how to walk. FUN!

  2. Katy I updated my post while you were commenting I thanks for the words of encouragement.

  3. You can do it with just riding your bike.
    Keep thinking positive.

  4. I had that about 3 years ago. It was PAINFULL!! All I needed to do was stretching and get better shoes luckely. It sounds like the doc has a good plan so just hang in there. It will get better. Just stay off that foot!

  5. Lesia, what is your e-mail address? I'll email you instructions for a signature.

  6. I figured it out...HURRAY for me! Ty...

  7. The new blog is super cute!

  8. Lesia, I bet you walk or set your foot down like I do. Basically flat and it has to do with balance issue. I remember being told when I was a kid, to place heel down first and lift off with ball/toe area. I'm not so good at keeping that in mind today and really have to focus on stepping that way.

    Never would have thought until just now, that the action you do with moving the bike pedals is basically the same action that is done in walking. Unfortunately, my knees cannot take the stress of bike riding anymore, in the form of osteoarthritis at age 29.

    And like you, I don't like having any of the added physical problems that I've acquired through the years. Bullheaded, independent, don't tell me I can't because I'll prove you wrong, is my nature and my nature is having a hard time changing.

    I am so happy, really I am, you've got the same type of nature. You're determination to keep going is tremendous and keeps my spirits up too. Now if only my husband could be a little more like yours, LOL!

  9. I like your positive attitude and you know exactly what you goal is. I injured my knee right before starting the new program and although it seemed to prevent me from excersizing, I had to go to physical therapy. Believe me when I tell you, physical therapy was enough to make me sweat and get the heart rate up. Stay strong and focused!