Saturday, April 10, 2010

Never said it would be easy, just worth it!

I dread every time my family wants to go out to eat, I never know what is on the menu and just how many points the items are. I go but not in a very good mood. I really need to work on that part. To help me I bought this book from WW that has a lot of restaurants and some of their menu items along with the point values. Unfortunately not all the restaurants in the area are listed.
So my husband was craving Wingers for some odd reason, and of course it wasn't listed in my handy dandy Dining Out Book. So I tried to remember my healthy foods and serving sizes as I looked at their menu. I remember that shrimp was very low in points (as long as its not breaded or fried) so I ordered that. The waitress tried to get me to add the fries but I asked if they had any veggies. The only thing they had was broccoli so I ordered that instead of the fries. Then she insisted that I order another side. I asked if she had any fruit or something healthy and her response surprised me. As a former waitress, I found her lack of nutritional value on food to be sad. She said "We have chips and salsa, or french fries." I said are you kidding me those are not healthy. Anyway just give me 2 servings of your broccoli then. OMG what an idiot. Anyway I thought I did very well with my food choices. Then my loving SUPPORTIVE family did this!
It was a warm giant chocolate chip cookie with a BIG scoop of vanilla ice cream on it topped with whipping cream and nuts! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!

The smell was fabulous too. I grabbed a spoon and thought I was really good with my dinner and 1 bite wont hurt so I went for it. And just as I thought; IT WAS AWESOME! The thought of ruining all my hard work of weight loss with through my mind. I thought about how sad I was just the night before at my WW meeting and all my support friends. I thought about my accountability at the scales next week. I thought about what my family would think if I gave up. I thought about was it really worth it? (it's just a stupid dessert). I remembered the saying that I rehearse in my head everyday "IF YOU BITE IT WRITE IT!" And just knowing HOW many points that 1 bite was made me sick! So I quickly put the spoon down after 1 small taste and picked up my glass of water. Between the two of them they polished down that dessert like no tomorrow.... Which made the temptation end quickly. I did it! I left the restaurant full and guilt free! It was hard but I NEVER SAID IT WOULD BE EASY, JUST WORTH IT!

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  1. Way to go! You are the one who inspires me to do better!!!