Saturday, April 17, 2010

A new adventure

I am trying to mix up my exercise program by doing some eye/hand and balance coordination things. Kayla is 11 and she loves to play basketball. I have never been able to play with her because I have always been in a wheel chair and too weak to throw a ball.
Last Thursday I started throwing the ball with her after school. We have a hoop in our driveway. After falling I decided to work on more of my balance so I can chase the ball better without losing my balance.
Bouncing the ball was difficult at first for me but after a few tries I was able to do it a couple times before it got away from me. So I got a good idea that I would work on trying to bounce the ball while I was sitting in a chair. Then I moved to standing but leaning against the wall bounce. After that I felt I was doing well enough to try it on my own. Bouncing the ball with both hands was a challenge but I was doing it. It took several minutes til I was able to change from one hand to the next. Keeping the ball under control and at a continuous bounce was really hard. I did about 4 bounces until I lost control and the ball rolled away.

Well today is Saturday and every night I have been practicing the exercise of the ball bouncing. And I am pleased to say I did 214 continuous bounces switching from one hand to the next. And I was standing with no assistance either. I hope this is helping me with my challenge and helps put my body in shock to get past this plateau too.
I guess I will find out soon enough. I am able to chase the ball better and even walk and bounce the ball at the same time. It ain't pretty but I can do it. Who knew that someone with MS and has been in a wheel chair 14 plus years would be dribbling a basketball? NOT ME!


  1. Woo Hoo!!!! I bet your daughter is loving all the time together!

  2. YIPPEE!!!!!! so proud keep up the good work, and really I do need some of your motivation and energy.. Please please send it to me.. hehehe