Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's build some MUSCLE!

The other night I was told that my muscle mass was getting less. That means that the weight I am loosing is good muscle along with the BAD fat. That made me concerned, I really don't have that much muscle to loose to start with, I need to keep as much as I can. I researched on my fellow WW support member's blogs on how to gain muscle. Guess it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure I need to do weights to help build muscle. And in return I will lose more fat with the building of muscle too. So it was a win win solution. As you can see I am not much on typing a lot of info on my blog. I am a scrap booker at heart so I like to express my thoughts through the camera.

I started looking in the local paper. I found a lady by the name of Susan, who lived right down the road, who had a weight lifting gym for sale. So last night we went over to check it out. I was so excited to see that it not only was as nice as the picture in the classifieds was but I was able to do the weights. Susan had a beautiful home and recently had to move her daughter and grand kids back in. So she needed the extra space. Hence the sale of her Pro-Form Cross Trainer system. What sold me on it was that it was all electric. NO free weights to drop on my toes. It is all computerized with a smart card to save your favorite routines.

This is the computer part of the unit~

Susan had the system in the paper for $100.00 which was a great price. Tonight between the rain storm we went and picked up the gym. When Clay tried to give Susan the money, she refused all of it but $40.00. She was very happy just know that she was helping me with my disability and health. I know she will be blessed for her generosity. And we will never forget her and her thoughtfulness either. So we got this AWESOME gym for a steal!

Here is Clay assembling the system~

After he got it all put together Kayla couldn't wait to try it out. Clay now can do weights along with the tread mill while I can ride the bike and do the weights too. It is just what we needed to complete our exercise equipment. Now I just need to figure out ALL the different exercises. Thank goodness she had all the books that shows everything it does along with the muscles it builds.

Here it is~

After we are done we the tread mill it nicely folds up to save room~



  1. Wow! It looks terrific. You really did get a good deal! You have a great gym!

  2. I like how you have added your own home gym.

  3. Looks so fun!!! Congrats, what a deal!!!

  4. Wow!
    That is fun and fancy!
    This is now late June -
    How has it been working out for you?