Friday, April 9, 2010

My Weight Loss Journey with MS

This was taken at my heaviest right after my surgery.

Ok I am not a good writer but I am going to try to express what's on my mind. The last few days I have been reading and following people's blogs about their journey in weight loss. I want to start a blog with my successes and journey with Weight Watchers. I have found several blogs that fellow WW members are posting. Which has me wanting to share mine.

There are several that I could just cut and copy cause I feel the same way they have from time to time. But that would not be fair to them. So I am going to write about me!

It all started in Oct of 2009. I was doing really good with my ability to walk more since my brain surgery which got me thinking I could do more in the area of weight control. See I had a mind set that as long as I was in a wheel chair I was never going to be thinner. So as my pills decreased and my ability increased to get more active I decided to try riding the exercise bike again. It had been years since I had tried to ride it and I was tired of seeing it sit in my room with no purpose but to hold my coat on the handle and junk on the seat.

My first attempt was very discouraging, I was barely able to pedal it with no tension. But with my determination I didn't give up. I wanted to get stronger so I could remain out of that darn wheel chair.

I can't remember how long or how often I tried to ride but I do remember wanting to join a program that could help with my weight loss. I thought of joining Curves but after hearing their exercise routine, I quickly knew I could not do that. Then a neighbor talked me into coming to a WW meeting with her. So my first meeting/weigh in was Oct 2nd.

I wanted to loss 50 pounds so I could go to Hawaii. That was just a reward that I thought would get me motivated. After seeing how heavy I was I knew it was going to be a struggle to get to that goal. I started at 211.6 and I was NOT very mobile without my wheel chair.

Through my journey at WW I have really had great weight loss every week. The recommended lossing anything from .5 to 2 pounds a week. And I was exceeding that every week. So you can just imagine how happy I was. But sadly the friend who got me interested in WW was not losing and my loss was too much for her, which caused her to drop out. I feel responsible for her not going anymore, maybe I was not very sensitive to her feelings and that makes me sad. Knowing I was lossing was such a shock for me that I over looked her feelings. Since then I have tried to be more sensitive of others.

My journey has been incredible for sure and my exercise has increased. I am currently up to 15 miles on the bike with the program set to a high tension. Sometimes it gets as high as 9. Which is very hard for me to turn the pedals but I endure the pain. I currently weigh 169 and am down from a size 20 to a loose fitted 14.

This is a long enough entry for today if I make it too long I fear people will not read it. So I will post more later. This picture was in Feb. So I will try to get a more recent photo this week.

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