Friday, April 23, 2010

I think I can, I think I can....

I wanted to share my thoughts on my challenge for this week. I credit my 3.4 weight loss this past week on me going back to my oatmeal in the mornings along with the mixing up on my exercise program. With the oatmeal I can put my olive oil in it with a serving of fruit. The 2 weeks before I switched to Fiber One cereal and I didn't like the oil in it. So I was missing my oils and maybe that's why I didn't lose much last week. But for whatever reason (really does anybody really know WHY you loss some weeks and NOT on others?) I lost and I was excited.

This weeks challenge, I am going to be adding muscle building (well more like weight lifting) to my program. I am still going to ride the bike and play some basketball (weather permitting). I know (well I have been told, which doesn't always mean I understand) that with muscle you will see an increase on the scales. Well that part I get. I know muscle takes less space. I will be monitoring my measures more now; so I don't get really mad on weigh in. (Easier said than done...So be prepared for my temper-tantrums at the meetings, if you are so lucky to go on Thursday nights...LOL)

I also am going to increase my protein intake (which is going to be hard since proteins are more points than I like to eat), but with the extra weekly point allowance I am going to DO IT! I already added EGGS to my morning breakfast. Which is a start! At this weeks meeting I heard that I should use my weekly points which makes me wonder "How IN THE WORLD can I eat ANOTHER 35 points, when I can't even use my 21 daily points?" I have asked my husband (my biggest support) to remind me to eat more.

I will be thinking of that little train going up that BIG hill...
"I think I can, I think I can..."

If any of my readers have ANY suggestion in helping me with this weeks challenge, I would be gladly willing to listen.


  1. Holy crap, I am a bad one for advice...I went up 2.8 this week! :( But I have made a change...exercise!!! Well some slow yoga!! hehe I even took a small video of me trying to do yoga!! It's on my blog. hehe Pump that iron girlfriend! LOL :D

  2. I actually may have an idea as to why you lose some weeks and not others and why you may plateau... In my nutrition class, my teacher told us that bodies like to have their "Set Point" and be able to return to that Set Weight that their bodies are used to and like to be at. For example, if you go on a cruise and eat a bunch of food for a week and gain ten pounds then your body, within the next three and four weeks and completely on its own, will shed those pounds to return to its Set Point.

    If you're still with me, then the reason you plateau is because your body has to take time to adjust itself to this NEW Set Point. You're eating right and working out but your body has to take the time you plateau to readjust and realign. So just hang in there! Once your body figures itself out and gets used to the new Set Point, you'll start losing again.

    I hope this is helpful! I don't know 100% how true it is, but I think it's really helpful to think about things that way. :)