Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not my size

Sunday morning as I was attempting to rummage through my closet, for something to wear to church. I noticed I didn't like or have anything that fit me anymore. I had gone shopping weeks ago to get summer capri's and tees but had neglected my Sunday wardrobe. I was able to wear a shirt that had a tie belt and I pulled it tight and ended up wearing that. I had several people notice how nice I looked and even that I was losing weight. I decide that by next Sunday I would have new things that fit me.
So yesterday I packed up my wheel chair and headed to the local thrift store. I hate spending money on clothes that will be short lived, so the thrift stores work nice while you are down sizing. I knew it would take me several hours to search through the clothes in order to find what I like. So that is why I took my electric wheel chair, it saves on my fatique while shopping.
After 3 hours I headed to the dressing room with a lap full of clothes to try on. I liked everything I tried on but this one skirt and jacket that looked much better on the hanger than on me. It was bright yellow and I felt like a "bumble bee" in it. So didn't get that one. And one tee shirt that was too stretchy and would show all my fat rolls. Other than those items I loved everything else.

After seeing all the items laid out I noticed, a couple little sleeveless shirts to wear under the blouses, would look nice and maybe a skinny belt too. So I grabbed a belt and a couple shirts that matched my blouses. I headed to the register only to find out that ALL this only cost me $65.00! Gotta love that! Here's the break down on the items: 9 pair of capri pants, 5 blouses, 4 dress Tees, 3 summer sweaters, 2 skirts, 1 dress and a belt. All these items were a size that I think I will be wearing for quite some time. (since now I am getting close to my goal weight.) And even if I never get a chance to wear them it wouldn't break my heart or my bank account. I think I am set for clothes (at least til I drop another dress size).
I have countless options now to mix and match my outfits. I never enjoyed shopping when I wore a plus size but now it sure feels nice to get something and have it fit. I did caught myself several times looking at the plus size clothes though. I have to re-program my brain that I NO longer where that size. Could take me awhile. But I think I am up for the challenge.
Happy Shopping!

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  1. love thrift stores!!!! We are very proud of you.