Friday, August 13, 2010

The Digital Diet:

4 ways to Cut the Connection

I was watching the local news today and I saw this. It is over 7 minutes long just to let you know ahead of time. It really hit home for me and wondered how many others could relate too.

Take the time if you can and watch this, you wont be sorry.

You would think it was referring to food but its not. Never knew the skills and lessons I am learning with the WW lifestyle is also something I can use for other aspects in my life as well.

1) Slow the techno flow
2) Minimize the temptation
3) Involve another
4) Enjoy the benefits

KEY 1: I am that person who checks my facebook and blog too many times to count in a day. Looking for that high (validation as my hubby calls it). It's time to do some changes and Slow the Techno Flow!

KEY 2: We are going to TURN the computer COMPLETELY off every night at 7 pm and NOT to be turned back on til 7 am.the next morning. My computer takes a long time to boot, so if it is turned all the way off I will not be so tempted to just move the mouse and be back in business.This will minimize the temptation.

KEY 3: Having my husband on board with me will help us keep each accountable in doing this. In other words involve another.

KEY 4: And lastly Enjoy the benefits. We are going to chart all the positive things that have improved since we decided to cut the connection.

No worries I am not going to stop blogging or facebooking. Just going to spend LESS time here and MORE time with my family and other things that I SHOULD be doing (like eating my meals. Remember I don't eat enough and that's been my daily challenge). Wish me luck. I know I will be having withdrawals at first. But it will be for the BEST! Love ya all.


  1. Good Stuff... and great ideas!! Sounds like you are getting your priorities in order more. Thanks for sharing. :)


  2. Good for you:) I remember life before the internet, before email, before my first PC even. I clearly remember getting our first cell phone. It is amazing to realize my boys never knew life without that stuff.

  3. I have definitely been thinking about this, especially because this blogging hobby that I adore takes a good chunk of time out of my day.

    When blogging activities about weight loss take up the time that should be used for exercising to actually lose the weight, this is a problem!!

    I don't have an addiction to the cell phone at all. Hate that thing! But, I do want to know what's in my email box/es and if anyone is commenting on my blog. I didn't realize that I've been dopamining myself up.

    Really good advice, Lesia. I noticed that the woman host of the show is as skinny as a toothpick. She must forget to eat, too. A lot.

    OK, I have to think about my rules. My husband is addicted to looking at real estate on the computer. He always wants to throw our house up for sale and buy something else. NO! NO! NO! It would mean disconnecting the computers for the move! Can't do that!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Very good plan!!! I support you!!! Keep up the great work. You inspiring me!! Hugs!

  5. Very good stuff my friend! I know I spend way too much time on the computer myself. You have given me food for thought.

  6. I think it's really applicable in a lot of ways in our lives...thank you for sharing!! :)

    Also- on your pictures from the concert? YOU ARE ONE HOT MAMA! Seriously!