Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slip Sliding Away!

Kayla and her cousin at the water park

Ok I thought I would blog about our day at the water park and slides with my brother and his family. The 1st one I went down was a blast. So I thought I would be brave and do more of the bigger ones. This is a picture of the 1st one I did. See ALL those stairs I climbed up? The end of the slide is at the back of this picture but you get the idea. It was a big one. I screamed the whole way down from excitement.
Then I went to slide number 2. It was a double tube ride slide so I thought I would be protected since my hubby was going to be on the tube with me. So I climbed on the front of the double tube and hubby got on behind me. Then we were off. The first turn was wicked and I screamed alright and then we rounded the 2nd curve. And that's when it happened!

Yep The tube went way up high on the side of the slide and I fell on hit the side of my head smack dab on the slide. Hubby fell off too but the slide was so steep that the water just pushed me down on my stomach feet first with the tube on top of my head. I was knocked out from the blow and as I went sliding down this big slide all I remember was the big splash at the bottom of the pool. I couldn't stand up or swim and Clay came splashing down right behind me so he tried to pull me out of the deep pool of water. He grabbed me and drug me to the edge where I could stand. I fell several more times back in the water as he tried to rescue me. The stupid life guards just stood there doing NOTHING! The spectators at the side of the pool were very concerned and checked to see if I had a concussion by checking my eyes.

My sister-in-law was watching for us to come down the slide and she witnessed this girl coming out and said "I hope that's not Lesia", then as I hit the water and she saw Clay grabbing me she said "Holy Crap, it is Lesia" And she ran to the side of the pool to help. LOL This is the tunnel that I came out feet first with the tube on my head. It doesn't look that big but believe me it was.
Needless to say that ended my excitement at the slide rides. So I went and hung out at the wave pool where I was able to just rock in the waves.Even with all this drama I had a blast and can't wait for the bump on my head to go away so I can get back on the slides again. Or better yet I am planning a jet skiing trip in a few weeks.

Never a dull moment in my fun filled life.
Clay had the right idea just chilling at the side of the pool.


  1. Oh my gosh Lesia - you poor thing!! I'm glad to hear that you weren't seriously hurt. Glad that the whole day wasn't shot for you.
    Wishing you more fun and safe summer fun!!

  2. Yikes! I have not been to a water park in years. My son has a friend in from out-of-town for a week and they may go to a new one here. Can't wait to hear their stories.

  3. Geez! I hope your head is better now! You know...I did something similar on a water ride several years back. I dont think I fell off the tube but I did hit my head around the turn. I wonder how many people do this? That is just scary. I specifically remember this happening even though it was years ago and it hurt! Do you still have a bump???

    Having said makes me want to go to the water park! We are going to Old Forge again this week and we just may have to take a trip to Water Safari. We have two little girls who arent old enough to do slides yet though so it may just be a wave pool and kiddie pool kind of day.

    I am so proud you made it up all those stairs! It is quite an accomplishment and it warms my heart that you appreciate such things in life. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a better person for appreciating what you can do! You are such a strong person.


  4. Glad you are okay!! That is so scary. I haven't been to Raging Waters in about 20+ years.. wow!!! Love ya!

  5. How scary!!! I'm glad you're ok.

  6. You are so darn fearless! I'm sorry you got hurt, but you're going to do it again (the slide, not the wipe-out, I hope) so be careful!!

    I stand by my previous statement that nobody has as much fun as you! NOBODY!!

  7. Never a dull moment is right!
    Even before I read on, I knew it wasn't going to stop you.
    Or even slow you down!

  8. Lesia-thanks for sharing your faves on my blog. I have to know...what are alternative bagels? Please do tell!!!! And where do you get the vita tops? I have heard of them but never seen them anywhere. I am always up to try something different! And I forgot to mention that I love that weight control oatmeal too! its amazing how much more you get in a packet vs. the regular stuff. I was shocked when I gave my girls the fruit flavored regular oatmeal and it was barely anything to it!