Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love a bargin:)

Have I mentioned I LOVE to shop at the thrift stores! Well I DO! After a few hours I was able to come home with these items. Plus Kayla bought ALL her school clothes too. Everything is so stinkin' cute and lot of mix and match outfits.

I went to a different store that I haven't been going to. Have not been there in years. I was pleasantly surprised how different it was since the last time I was there. It was HUGE and clean and so organized! Everything sorted by style, size then color. Much more easier to shop than the last store. I have a NEW love now!

Left to right: pale yellow long shirt with a floral blouse and a chain belt, black and white dress from Dillards (expensive store), tan and white dress jacket (dry clean only), dark teal green swede long shirt and floral top, long knit black shirt and white top, purple low wasted jeans and floral top, brown/denim low wasted jeans and short wasted short sleeved denim jacket.
Top of the clothes: a tan long shirt with a purple top and floral light weight jacket and a beaded belt with a bracelet to match.

So excited to wear all my new finds at the thrift store. I bought size 10's and mediums so they should fit, I hope, for a while.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I need to build me a bigger closet now. Poor Clay has this tiny corner of our big walk in. Also find out if I donate directly to the store they give me a 20% discount coupon. I am so into that!


  1. Wow! That is quite a haul:) I read once that for each new thing you put in your closet you are supposed to get rid of one. What woman does that?!

  2. I love the thrift stores too!! You are lucky tho. Ours has everything mixed together and it's far from clean. But I love to hunt and I ALWAYS emerge with great treasures.

  3. I love thrift stores!!! How fun for you to get all those new clothes!!

  4. Can't beat a good thrift store -
    Out with the old - in with the new!

  5. Good job! Also, good role model showing your daughter that her clothes don't have to be new, expensive, and just like everyone else's.

  6. Wow.. looks like you totally scored. Awesome. I love the thrift stores too, we actually shop there for back to school clothes too.

    I just put a TON of my big clothes on Craig's List... really going through the closet now. I saved all my favorites and now I've listed them all... hopefully someone else can enjoy them and then I can hit those thrift stores!!! tee hee :)