Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everything in Moderation

So I was deciding to not do my blog anymore. After talking to a few of my followers, who live by me, they have convinced me to just not read so many of them and still do mine. I have built some close relationships through the blog world and I love those of you that always seem to give kind words on my blog. THANK YOU!

Here are some of the reason I was thinking of when I decided not to blog anymore.

~I am over whelmed with trying to read all of my followers blogs.
~After reading some of them I was left with sadness in my heart for them and their struggles.
~Too much drama sometimes too.
~It was hard for me to read about all the runs and exercises, that so many of you are able to do.
~With my OCD personality dis-order I feel I HAVE to comment on EVERY post. Which is taking a lot of time.
~On that same note; I check my blog for comments WAY too much.
~I am NOT your normal dieter; so really just how much is anybody getting from my blog?
~I don't blog for me, which I think is weird. I blog for validation and that's not good.
~There are more reasons but I think this is enough.

So here is what I came up with to fix the problem and make it work as my solution.

~I have cut the number of blogs to follow, down to a manageable number. (I hope)
~I WILL not be commenting on EVERY blog. So if you see a "thumbs up" or a "smile" in the comment box from me know I read it just can't think of anything clever to say.
~I hope that those of you that want to be a closer friend will join me on facebook. That's where I hang out most the time.

Anyway I hope I am doing the right thing here. At our WW meeting I have learned that you need to do things in moderation. Eating is just one of the many things. I want to use the skills I have learned in my daily life and this is a good place to start. If it doesn't work for me this way I can always make a new plan of action. Until then this is the plan.

I lost another .8 this week so guess what that means???? YEP I broke into the 140's! Barely but I did it!!!


  1. So I have been cleaning up my language for naught ? ARGH,,,f#$##$#$

  2. I've been thinking the same stuff...I just am getting overwhelmed with all the blogs on my reader.

    So I've opted to cut down on the blogs I read so that I can actually comment on the blogs that mean the most to me.

  3. I think you are doing the right thing, and I understand your problem. Of course, that only goes as long as you continue to follow ME! LOL!!!

    Seriously, L, I do understand! At first, I said I was blogging "for me", but, if that were true, then why did I seek followers? As great as followers and validation are, there is also the perceived obligation to reciprocate, which does take time and energy. That's why I've stopped actively looking for leads for new blogs. If someone finds me, I'm thrilled. But, otherwise, I'm not trying to grow my list. I just don't have the time to look and hook!

    Since I joined the blogosphere, I don't do enough actual exercising because I'm glued to the seat in front of my computer. That's a problem!

    Yet, it's fantastic to have a forum for "issues", and an audience to cheer us on. Smile!

    You might be surprised how inspiring you are with your physical challenges. Very much a case of: "if she can spend the day doing the water park..... or dancing her butt off at a concert......"

    OK, this is all over the place. I can't join Facebook because I perceive it would be the same "addiction" as this. So, hope you'll stick around and that we can still chat from time to time.

    Enjoy the 140's! That's a great accomplishment! SMILE!!!

  4. I love ya!! I enjoy keeping up with you in both places... hehehehe Isn't that what family does?

  5. I completely understand where your coming from. Congrats on your breaking through!! :)

  6. I can relate to your post! It takes a lot of time to blog and read and comment on other blogs. I struggle with this myself and still have not decided what to do about it.

  7. Hey girl - You need to blog for you. If it's self-destructive then you aren't taking care of yourself. Put yourself first. I love it when you read and comment on my blog but I totally understand if you can't. I mostly just blog for my sake - the comments are an added bonus ;)

    Hang in!!

  8. You weigh less than me now! Thats awesome! Congrats. I love you and I will always be around! :)

  9. Congrats on the loss!!!!
    I also feel I have to leave comments on EVERY blog, and I am starting to have some of the same issues. (Besides wondering if I have OCD lol)
    I don't know how to begin to choose ones to get rid of though... decisions decisions...
    I am a new follower, and really enjoy your blog- but do what's best for you!!!
    Best Wishes!

  10. I totally agree with you, Lesia. In fact, I just mentioned this to my husband today. I guess just like everything else, I need moderation in my life - lol. After all, these blogs are for us. If people want to read, fine. If they want to comment, fine. But our blogs are for us - not to stress us out.

  11. smile
    to you too, as always!
    good work on the loss.
    I don't "get" FB but I will try.

  12. I think this is a great decision - I know it was hard for you to make and I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself no matter what anyone else says.

  13. Hi Lesia! Thanks for finding me! We have similar stats- I am down 71 was a size 22 now a 10. I am about 10 pounds from the WW high end of the chart for my height. Id like to get to 145 (personal goal) but I am struggling to get the last few pounds off! lol I love the WW program and love meeting successful members! Thanks for your comment today and I loved seeing your blog & before/after pics! You look amazing! :)

  14. Hi Lesia,

    TOTALLY support you!!! You have to take care of yourself and do what you have to do.

    I gave you a blog award today. I don't want you to respond or do the 10 item thing. Just know that I think of you as my friend and I appreciate you. I support you and I'm here whenever you need an ear!

    Many Blessings to you!!!