Sunday, August 22, 2010

Praying to the NEW scale.

I am SO sick of the 150's. Can I just tell you that I hate that it is taking forever to get past it. I am SO close. My new scale is so cool. I love that it reads in 1/10 not just in 1/2 pounds.

So Clay took them out of the box and placed it next to my old one. I got on the old one and it read 150.5. Then I got on the new one and it read 141.2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I LOVE you NEW scale!!!

Then Clay told me I needed to have it off the carpet in order for it to read right. BUMMER! So I placed it on the floor and stepped back on it. I held my breath and it read 150.1. OH CRAP! I liked the the non-floor reading better. So with that being said I am really ready to see the 140's this week PLEASE...I will make you (the new scale) my BFF...LOL


  1. Oh how funny. Ignorance would be So bliss! I'm sure that new scale will EVENTUALLY read what you wanna see. :)


  2. If the new scale is being "awkward", try holding a big bunch of helium balloons :p

  3. Oh well - now you had a preview:)

  4. You're probably there today. Woo-hoo!

  5. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you!