Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So I went to a Skating Rink last night and as I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself. Cause I LOVE skating and it makes me sad to know I will never be able to do that again. I was actually really good at it in my early years. (But that all changed when I heard I had MS) I had my own white skates with pom pom on the toes I think they even had a bell on them. I carried them in a skate case and went every Monday night. Some of the best memories were going skating with my BFF on the Skating Rink Bus. We had so much fun and I miss her and those days.

The music and style of skating has changed since I skated. I just was praying they wouldn't play "Loco-Motion", or "I don't like Spiders and Snakes". I Knew I would not be able to handle that memory. (crying in public is not something I enjoy doing) It is sure hard to even listen to these song but I need to face the music... Yep I am crying right now. It brings back so many great memories! How many of you remember these songs?

Anyway back to my story. Clay decides to order a pizza. I thought he would just get a slice but NO he came back with this HUGE pizza. And he placed on the table right in front of me. Yep he sure did!

I looked for the skinniest slice and ate it. Then I excused myself from the table. I told him "I will return to the table when ALL the pizza is gone, Until then I will be sitting over there."

He smiled and I left. This was the only way I knew I could avoid the temptation. It really wasn't that hard when you remove yourself from it...Emotional eating has never been my issue but I think I could have done it last night. (sniff..sniff)


  1. Great job with that pizza! I had forgotten all about skating as a teen. I was never good and never owned skates but I remember going with my girlfriends a few times. Always wishing we had a guy for the couples only skates.

  2. You should NOT post that pizza picture girl!! I don't want to even think about eating that!! (trying to be strong here :)

    I'm sorry you can't skate, that is a bummer. At least you have some awesome memories! You still get to do some much fun stuff. You are always having fun, it seems. I totally want to hang out with you! :)


  3. I had some skates as a small child, but moved onto rollerblades which were much more fun. Mainly because the wheels were made out of a soft rubber that didn't jam whenever you hit a small piece of gravel :)

  4. I've never heard that second song.
    Good job removing yourself from the pizza. I have always been an emotional eater and it's hard to do that!!! way to go!

  5. So proud of you!! Leaving pizza is hard to do!!!

    I love skating too. I spent a lot of my teenaged year at the rink. So much fun!!

    Have a great day!


  6. Hi Lesia- back to your comment on my blog about my pizza wrap...according to my Weight Watcherness back in the day...I calculate this to be 7 pts. However, that is with 2 oz of cheese. So, if you only used one oz that knocks 2 pts off right there and if you use WW mozz cheese instead it may even be less!!! Hope this helps :)

    Good job walking away from pizza. It is my downfall, but something I read the other day sait it is actually healthy?!?! Who knew...


  7. Very proud of you!!! way to be strong.

  8. Aww... sniff sniff
    At least you have those great memories though right? Not that it makes you feel any better, but me being over weight for ever, made me to self conscious to skate. So I watched my friends and have NO good memories of it. So at least you did it while you could girl :)

    Great job on walking away from the pizza!!! That is awesome, I'm going to think of you next time my fiance has pizza :) He'll probably go into shock if I get up and walk away from it!!!! :)

  9. I use to love to ice skate... oh well... there are other things in life.... you are so good... catching up with my blogs is giving me a inkling to jump back on...

  10. Ohhh.. :( I'm so sorry you experienced this. I love that you are enjoying the ways that you can be very active - like dancing at concerts and walking around water parks...and all of the other activities you've done this month!

    And great job with moving away from the pizza. I'm very proud of you! :)

  11. OH yes...them were the days...skating every friday and saturday night! At least we got good memories right!

    And great job on walking away...I probably wouldn't have thought of it! :O)

  12. OMG - that Grand Funk song - we switched the words up and put in nasty words and got in sooooo much trouble!

    Good job stepping away from the pizza!
    Who needs it, anyhow?
    Not us, that for sure!

  13. Ohhhhh.... I'm sad that you can't skate....

    I was never good at it, but I always liked to skate. These days, I'd be afraid of breaking every bone in my body.

    The Locomotion was a fave of mine, too! Spider and Snakes, not so much.....

    So, c'mon, c'mon, and do the Locomotion with me.....

  14. Lesia... No Vitatops for Karla
    Karla + Vitatops = NO CONTROL!!

    I have no control with them: http://myweightin2010.blogspot.com/2010/08/pictures-say-it-all.html

    addressed it again in response to your comment the next day: http://myweightin2010.blogspot.com/2010/08/post-238.html