Thursday, August 12, 2010

The good, the bad & the ugly:

GOOD~I had a WW loss again. YIPPIE!

BAD~my surgery is really scaring me with the 3 weeks of no weight baring (with MS I can not hop or do crutches) The knee walker will really help but not sure if I can handle not showering and all the trips to the potty in the middle of the night. Not a for sure fix either because of the MS. Could have a MS lesion causing the nerve compression. 50-50 chance of relief. Only will be worse after, if I accidentally step on my foot during the healing process. Then the long term condition will be more painful then it is now. Still going to do it though. End of Sept between football games and after the Brad Paisley concert. (Priorities)

UGLY~I just ate a slice of Chicago Stuffed Pizza from Papa Murphys! Yes I did! And it was YUMMY!!! (Ate it cause I wanted it not for emotional reasons)


  1. Good!! Too bad.... Not that ugly.

    You just have to be careful, careful, careful not to accidentally step on that foot. What can you do to remind yourself not to do that?

  2. yippee!! (for the weight loss) Sorry about the foot. As for the pizza sounds yummy!

  3. Congratualtions on the loss!!You're amazing!

    I'm sorry that the surgery isn't more of a sure bet for making you better.

    You had one slice of pizza and you stopped!? You are soooo my hero!

  4. You're doing so great on WW...Congratulations! I'm sorry to hear about the foot surgury-wish there were some way for me to ease your worries. and Papa Murphy's--LOVE IT!! yummo as rachael ray would say!

  5. No Rinse Shampoo to save the day!
    The best brand is called "No-Rinse Shampoo"
    And has a picture of the space shuttle on it...
    It's what they use in space cus they don't have showers.
    I have used it myself and it is wonderful.
    Bed Baths aka sponge baths can be "almost" as good as the real deal.

  6. Yikes! I hope that surgery goes more easily than you expect.

  7. I just came across your blog - Good luck with the surgery.

    I love that you had a disclaimer that eating the pizza because you wanted to, and not because of emotional reasons. I love that attitude - we can eat anything we want, but it's about making a conscious decision, instead of just eating everything in sight (which is what I do). Love it!

  8. Lesia, I missed hearing you were going to have surgery. How did I do that? So sorry, when is it?

    Congrat on the weight loss ~ you rock!!!


  9. Hello! I just came across your blog from over at SmallerFunPants :)

    I LOVE Papa Murphy's, and I can never stop at only one! Great job!
    Have you tried the bbq chicken DeLite? (It isn't even on my menu at home, as it is only available in the summer months for some reason) It is delicious! And I think it's only 130 calories per slice!