Thursday, May 20, 2010


Weigh in is tonight. I am always over stressed on Thursdays. My anxiety is really high.
I hate the wait to see if I have lost anything.
I hate the fact that the scales don't always show me all the hard work I put in for the week.
I hate the feeling of failure.
I hate not having the control of the outcome.

But this week I am really frustrated. I am AWARE of my errors of the week and can't do anything about it. This time I am completely and sadly at the mercy of the "Scale Goddess."
I am going to accept the number on the scale and NOT cry about it.
(at least not in front of anyone there). That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Lets reflect for a minute....My errors this week (and will be for several more weeks so I better get used to it) are:
1~Not getting enough food in my body. (not on purpose either) Just is hard to move and cook with crutches. Plus it hurts to not have my foot elevated for any period of time.
2~Not tracking.
3~Not exercising.
4~Just getting off steroids.
5~Not getting my healthy foods in. (like my oils, protein, vegs, dairy...etc)
6~Not getting enough water to drink.

On a good note:
I haven't eaten anything that was not healthy.
My clothes feel looser.
I have been reading lots of blogs for support.
Going to the doctors to speed this injury along.
I haven't forgot the skills that I have learn over the course of 7 months.
But MOSTLY I am NOT giving up!

Just need to stay strong and remember THIS TOO WILL PASS!


  1. I have had a rough spell myself. I admire how you end this with a focus on the positive.

  2. You will be fine... and I am sure it will show tonight... good luck.. pulling for you


  3. Lesia,
    I'ts not about the's about our beauty!! And Damn it we want to be beautiful now!!! Right??? I'll make pick-it signs for tonight k? LOL :D *wink* You look wonderful honey!

  4. Great blog entry. I hate the differences in scales when I weigh in somewhere else. It drives me nuts. Even if the scale doesn't say what you want it to knowing what you did and how you did should help. All we can do is move on from here. A huge thing is that your clothes feel looser. That's awesome.

  5. You will do great!!! Looser clothes are awesome :)

  6. I'm so glad you posted the positive things you did this week too. We all make mistakes, the biggest thing is forgiving ourselves and moving on (okay, so it may be the hardest thing too... but that just shows how important it is). We'll be there to support you!

  7. Cant wait to hear how you did! I am sure you did fine! As far as the steroids....ugh. Been there and that wasnt pretty. But I was on them for a month :( If you did gain, stay focused and think about your success next week! I am so glad to hear you are so positive!