Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Went back to the foot doctor yesterday. He had more suggestions on what and why my foot pain is getting worse. Now he wants to try steroids. New thought maybe Tarsal Tunnel, Stress Fracture and Plantar Fasciitis. Make up your mind...I feel like a Ginnie Pig.

Because I have MS I am well aware of what Steroids do to you. (High doses of that drug has been used for me now over 20 years.) I am having flash backs of the side effects. A couple of years ago I stopped taking them for my MS. It seemed like they just quite working. So I hope this dose helps.

"A good indication of the future is the past!" Yikes! I am doomed then. Cause every time I have takin' steroids I have put on massive weight and I seem to always be STARVING! My motto was "Strap on the ole feed bag". I am well aware that a great portion is water weight but that doesn't help when you are trying to lose weight. I topped out at 275 pounds when I was on the steroids. I started this weight journey at 214 I surely don't want to go UP.

Not looking forward to the extra pounds. Now I can't exercise AND I have to gain water weight? Come on now! Life just doesn't seem fair. But because I am a fighter I will get through this over time. I am not about to let all my hard work come crashing down now. Just have to remember this is not permanent and I will get past it some how.

Think smart, eat smart and use the tools that I have learned. That is what will get me to my goal!


  1. Was he suggesting a cortizone shot?

  2. yes but that would SLOW the healing of the fracture by a month. So he said not a good idea.

  3. They wanted to do a series of steroid shots for my knee. I told them, "no way". So I did pysichal therapy instead and took one shot of cortizone for the swelling. But it was all for nothing anyway. Surgery looks imminent.
    You know you have choices Lesia, and we know you will make the right ones. Remember to focus on the end result and be positive about where you will be soon. It's where we will end up that keeps us going and knowing that being healthy and a lot lighter is where we need to be.

  4. My friend has MS (has had it since 89)...her first few years she was on steriods and the poor girl ballooned up! She's now on a shot she takes every other day (I think)...doing fine and looking great...

    Anyhow...don't fret the steriods...you'll get through it because you are one heck of a strong woman!! Chin up, shoulders back, scoot forward!!

  5. Praying that the docs can figure out exactly what is going on and offer you some options that wont set you back. Hang in there!!! :)

  6. My mom has her opinion about cortisone shots "Stay away from them" (mom is a retired nurse). I've had one in the heel bone, worse pain ever and it didn't work (pain relief one hour).

    Can't they also give you something to combat the fluid gain, especially if you acquire that much?

    Keep your focus on the end result. Sometimes, we have to take a few steps back on our goals, a regrouping of the plan to the best ending. When one way , usually the short way, doesn't pan out, back up and travel the longer way. Sure it takes more time but it's a more worthy journey.

  7. Just gather all the info and make the best decision you can for youself. I got a cortizone shot and after the initial pain of the shot wore off (about a week or two) I had a new foot! I could walk without pain, wake up without pain. Seriously all gone. Then I spend a weekend in flip flops and BAM, all back. I think I'm going to get another shot. My aunt is a nurse and she says go for it. It's all about what gives you some relief