Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sunshine award.

This is my second blog post today, please don't skip over my one from this morning. Its one of my favorites. It's the 7 things about me that you don't know. Now for this one.Thanking Anne @ http://smallerfunpants.blogspot.com/ for this cool award. I read her blog everyday along with her many other followers. I keep coming back to her blog for the genuine words she writes about. How she is real and has an incredible success on the weight she has lost. She is only 1/2 way there but with her determination I know she will do it. I love reading her recipes and food choices and even hearing about her exercise successes. Thank you again Anne.

Getting this awards is like a chain letter. I just got through doing one yesterday and now I am asked to do another one. Since I am supposed to "pay it forward" to 12 bloggers. I first went to their blog and searched for this award before I sent it so I hope if you haven't already received it this is new I hope.

I would love just to name the blogs that I follow and move on, but that just doesn't do them justice in my book.

1. Silvia @http://bigsteps2take.blogspot.com/, She is fighting Type II Diabetes and is doing an incredible job at staying focused to her weight loss program and exercise. Her starting weight is at a low number but she is doing this in my mind to get healthier and I applaud her for that.

2. Lisa @http://nomoredietdrama.blogspot.com/, she is like a walking encyclopedia to me. She takes the time to research her information. She knews what she wants and is willing to do what it takes to get her there. Plus she lives in FL which I am jealous of...LOL

3. Katy @http://projectlookgoodnaked.blogspot.com/, we share the same goals and she is so thoughtful to others. Which I find to be a great quality in this negative world. We need speak kind words and help boost others up on this roller coaster of a ride we call life.

4. Helen @http://doingaone-eighty.blogspot.com/, she is a fantastic inspiration to me. She is fighting a thyroid problem and still enjoys running. I am jealous of her constant strength to fight through this.

5. Genie @http://dietof51.blogspot.com/, we share the same age of generation. Losing weight at the good ole age of 50 plus is no easy task. I like to hear her struggles so I don't feel so weird and alone.

6. Jams @http://jams-runs-her-mouth.blogspot.com/, she was one of my 1st blogs that I folowed. Seeing her before and after picures gave me hope that I can do this. She is an exercise junking and I have grown to love her excitement.

7. Karen @http://waistingtimeblog.com/, surprisingly I have found Karen to be a strong example to me. Surprisingly is because I am learning from her that the size of a person is not the important thing. We need to love ourselves no matter what size we are.

8. Ana @http://veganana1.blogspot.com/, love, love, love her goal setting ideas. It keeps me focused on the long goal. These mini goals are very important and I have learned that from Ana.

9. Vickie @http://vernswifevickie.blogspot.com/, I just love Vickie. I look forward to meeting her when I go to CA. She is kind and her photos are great too. As a visual person such as I , I enjoy the pictures that she takes the time to do.

10. Traci @http://tracitreasures.blogspot.com/, she is a young mom (young to me) and you can just tell from her blog that she adores being a mom and wants to do this journey not only for herself but her family. Such a sweet girl.

11. Tori @http://adayinthelifeoffredbird.blogspot.com/,I was impressed by her comments that she leaves on my blog. It seems like she already has met me. Knowing that she takes the time to read my words and then comments is a great feeling.

12. TaDa @http://caloriecountfood.blogspot.com/, Again we have so much in common and I know when I read her blog it some how fits into my life. Its like the Lord knew to put us as blogger friends. I hope some day to meet her and just give her the biggest hug that she so deserves from me.

Now TAG your IT!!!!!


  1. I have visited one or two of the blogs that you listed. Thank you for sharing, it is always nice to hear of some good reads and great people!

  2. You could spend the majority of your time handing out awards at this rate. : )
    Nice to have so many to read and depend on for the support and understanding.

  3. Awwww thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! How sweet of you!!

  4. I agree John. I am done though. It's just too much work. I appreciate the thought though. You are my favorite male blogger if that counts!smile.

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words and the award. I love it!! :)

  6. Good laugh for me! I'm glad I don't make you feel so weird and alone! It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Really!

    Thanks for the award and the laugh. Now, I have to go read your seven things.

  7. Lesia...thanks so much for thinking of me and passing the award along to me! I am honored. My internet at home isn't working so I can only get on line from work and from my phone...but I look forward to blogging about it when I'm back up and running. And...I am sooo looking forward to meeting you here in San Diego! I love meeting people I've "met" on line!

  8. Thanks Lesia so much for the award....I enjoy reading your blog...

  9. Lesia,

    You have no idea how much your comments mean to me!! Thanks for stopping by today and reminding me to not give up the fight. You got me all teary eyed and everything!!! :)


  10. How sweet! You made my day. Thank you. I have to admit that I did indeed get this one before so will just enjoy your thoughtful words:)

  11. Thank you very much Lesia! I know I am late popping by - my days have been crazy lately. I promise I will get to this next week!