Thursday, May 13, 2010

To blog or NOT to blog...

I have noticed that many of the blogs that I follow (or STOCK) are so well written that it makes me think I stink as a blogger.

My blog isn't about deep thoughts that I maybe thinking about.
My blog isn't about great wisdom that I have discovered.
My blog isn't about information I have learned from TV or meetings.
My blog isn't about great finds at the grocery stores.
My blog isn't about a fantastic book I just read.

So am I not doing something productive in the way I am blogging?

I know its MY blog and a dear friend told me I can blog about anything I want to. But I feel I may be boring and my followers/readers might not find me as helpful as I do with theirs.

My blog is mainly my struggles with health issues and dieting. I hope I am reaching someone out there that may be able to relate to me. I don't want to sound negative all the time or even sound like the "victim" but in my life I have seen and lived many trials. (I am slightly cracked) I have overcome many obstacles to get to this point. And I guess I just want to share those victories.

I love graphics and pictures so that's what I will be blogging. I hope I have readers that understand where I am coming from and can relate to a small portion of my life. I think of ALL my followers and readers as FRIENDS. And without YOU I could not get to where I want to be or where I am today!

If you are okay with my blog will you let me know by a simple comment. So I know whether to continue blogging or not. Thank you,


  1. Yes! Keep blogging!!! Blogging is different for everyone. We all bring something different to the table here. I love reading about everyone's story, their struggles...and their glitter graphics :) You have as much to offer than anyone else here in this blog world! Whatever I talk about on my blog, I do it because I think in some way it helps me heal, or laugh, or get something off my chest, or whatever it is for that day. I say keep going! If it helps you, and you enjoy it, then why not?

  2. Sweetie...we're ALL cracked, broken, carrying baggage, or whatever. It's the glue that binds you know...and it's what brings us all together.

    I love to read other blogs (yours included), weight loss related or not. And while I've not walked in your shoes, I can certainly empathize (and not in a "oh poor poor you" but a "wow-you've come a long way haven't you!?") and gather strength from your trials and tribulations.

    and remember...just because no one leave a comment doesn't mean their not reading...

  3. I would say "keep up the good work". I know how you feel though about blogging. I have NO IDEA of what I am doing when I blog. I get all excited about an idea and then I just can't type it or else I go 'blank'. I love the graphics and pictures that I find too. Yep, I would say keep blogging, and keep inspiring me!

  4. Lesia, You have so much to offer this world. Not just the world of bloggers, and people trying to lose weight. Your struggles are very real, and have created a strength in you that needs to be shared. This may sound really selfish, but I blog - because it's good for me. It's good for me to get my thoughts out of my head, it helps me to think through things out loud so that I can deal with them. It helps me stay accountable, it helps me when I'm in pain, and when I'm excited. It's about me. Haha. SO I say the same to you. Blog because it's about you. Because you are taking the time to learn and to grow, to focus on yourself, and use your blog to help you do that. By doing so, you will help LOTS of people! But keep going, for you! We all have much to learn from you... keep sharing!!

  5. Keep blogging, sweetie - even if I don't comment, I am reading and learning from you. You are an incredible woman. You inspire me to be better - keep it up!!

  6. Well I just found you... don't disappear already! I read lots of blogs that are different from mine in tone and content. But I admit that most are about the same general weight loss or healthy lifestyle thing. But that is where my mind is right now. I notice that many of the other bloggers take a different approach and have often wondered what my readers would say about how I write and what I write. But the bottom-line for me, and I hope for you, is that we write as long as it makes US happy or does something for US. I started blogging to find personal motivation. I still get that, most of the time. But I got so much more with the whole community I have found and the support out there. But I still write for me and hope that when I do so I strike a chord at the same time.

  7. Blogging to me is the new fangled way of keeping a diary, journal, whatever you want to call it. I haven't gotten into doing a blog site, but then again I never kept up with a diary or journal either. I wrote thoughts down on scrap paper once in a blue moon. Mostly my thoughts or feelings came about in drawings and they say "A picture is worth a thousand words". I struggled a lot growing up with trying to voice or write feelings down but had no problem in drawing.

    I thought nobody really wanted to hear what I felt and my growing up years reinforced that. Through a program I got set up in, I learned to voice and write. My drawing slowed as this new part of me came out to balance my thoughts.

    So see, whatever it takes to get it out, matters a lot to you and somewhere along the way you help someone else.

    Love ya Lesia! Keep on keepin' on.

  8. Lesia, what one might say could help another and what you share will most definitely help someone. It's not how it is written, but what is written.
    Sharing thoughts and writing about struggles is what everyone shares. It's what we see when we read that makes us more curious. When you share how you're feelign each day with some of the struggles you have, ithelps others to understand that no one is alone in this world with their own trials.
    Don't stop blogging because you think you are boring or you can't write something worth reading. If that were true, then all those who commented on this post would not have commented at all.
    Keep going! Don't stop!

  9. We all offer something to each other at some point or we wouldn't keep coming back for more. You are great just the way you are.

  10. Blog away my friend. We all have our own tune that goes with our blog...I think mine borderlines on insanity some days....

  11. Keep on blogging, I love it!!! I too don't have this great wealth of knowledge to give to anyone!!! Blogging helps me to keep a balance in my diet and reading others blog's helps as well.... funny I get more strength from bloggers than I ever did from my face to face friends...

  12. Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment!! I love your graphics on this blog. I'm now a follower and can't wait to hear what you have to say. Keep blogging!! :)

  13. No one's blog is worse than mine...
    And all of these "fancy" people....they aren't even real people.
    They are contrived personalities. Some of them are professional writers working on weight-loss books. They WANT you to think they are real, struggling to avoid cake, and run every day. Horay!
    Don't worry about them - just do what you need to to for yourself, and everything will fall into place.
    Blogging, like weight loss, isn't a contest.
    And your blog is great, by the way!

  14. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog so far! Please don't stop! I do not intend on writing intense, deep blogs. Some people do and are great at it. It's not for everyone (surely not me!). I think that this type of blog is fun to read and it would be a shame if you stopped! You're unique struggles with MS are also interesting to follow, they give perspective. So please, Blog on! :)

  15. I keep starting a blog, write one entry and forget about it. I can't even manage more than 2 entries so I say keep on blogging. I enjoy reading your blog (I found you through my aunt's blog)

  16. Remember, you blog for yourself, not for other people and who cares how many followers you have, and if they post a comment or not. I started my blog as my journal to myself because my personal trainer told me to write down what was going on, and how I was feeling. So even though you think your blog may not be well written or interesting to others, Your blog is for you.

  17. sorry about your foot.. although I don't much about MS... i do know how i feel with the day to day neuropathy in my feet so I feel for you.. Your blog is bright and cheery ... I love your graphics..

  18. Lesia, you certainly have surpassed me in the blogging world in a very short amount of time. Your like super woman at everything you do! I only have 25 followers and hardly any commentors. I'm so boring, never have I had 17 comments. Ever. People obviously love to read about you! I know I do. Love you.

  19. I have to say I just read a bunch of your post! Your blog is GREAT!!! I love it :)